CBD seems to have infiltrated every sport. You hear about professional football players, basketball players, golfers, swimmers, gymnasts, tennis players, and more using CBD oil just like this one to treat a number of mental and physical health problems. Esports gamers are not left out of this list.  

As an esports gamer, you may be aware that some leagues, including the largest, the Electronic Sports League, name CBD as a banned substance during official competitions. They found that it gave players a “neurocognitive boost,” an unfair competitive advantage in the eyes of the ESL. 

However, the ESL is not interested in the kinds of substances used on gamers’ own time. In a statement, the ESL head of communications said: “Recreational use of it outside (before) the event days will not be punished. Using it during the tournament — from the start of the first day until the end of the last day of competition — is strictly prohibited.”

So, CBD could be a great tool in helping you train for competitions and enjoy a better quality of life as long as you’re steering clear or its use on competition days. When you try CBD, you might experience some of the many benefits that esports gamers using CBD have enjoyed, including the following: 

Minimize Performance Anxiety 

While you’re on your own to handle the anxiety-inducing nerves of competition day, there are other times when you might need CBD. For example, a friendly competition between friends could be more relaxing and productive with a little CBD oil under your tongue. 

Additionally, some esports leagues do not prohibit the use of CBD. You should always check the rules before using CBD on competition day, but if you’re free and clear to use CBD, it could be exactly what you need to perform at your best that day. 

If you’re a particularly successful esports gamer, you may also experience performance anxiety when among your fans or the media. CBD can also be used to reduce anxiety on days when you have to meet with the public, do interviews, go on talk shows, or shoot a commercial. Any of these situations could call for some CBD to get you through it. 

Relieve Social Anxiety 

There’s a social stigma surrounding gamers that indicates they’re shy and not good around people. In many cases, this is a gross assumption. However, in many other cases, it’s true. Some gamers simply spend so much time plugged into their video consoles that they struggle to assimilate into society. 

As a result, it’s not uncommon for esports gamers to experience severe social anxiety. It’s not so bad when they’re playing from their home, but if they’re being televised at home for an interview or worse—attending a live event with other gamers, the social anxiety can be debilitating! 

Just as CBD works to calm the performance nerves and anxiety for gamers, it can also work to relieve social anxiety. Gamers may not exactly feel at home when out in public, but they will feel significantly more comfortable.! 

Back, Neck, and Muscle Pain Relief 

If you’re gaming for several hours per day, chances are you’ve slouched in your seat and been stiff and sore afterwards. Gamers are particularly apt to pain and inflammation in the neck and back area because that’s the area most effected by hunching. You might experience other muscle aches and pains as well that cause stiff and sore muscles. 

These sore spots are the result of immune responses. When you sit for too long in a position that the body doesn’t like or you do repetitive motion when playing a game, it causes inflammation and pain. CBD can help to treat both, helping you to ignore your stiff muscles and make it to the playoffs. 

Sleep Aid 

Too much screen time has a unique effect of creating insomniac-like symptoms for gamers. The blue light from televisions and computers can alter cognitive function and disrupt your circadian rhythm, thus keeping you up all night. 

Unfortunately, you need sleep to perform well during training or competitions. A sleep-deprived brain does not function well, and you’ll like the hand-eye coordination necessary to succeed. 

CBD is one of the best-known sleep aids out there. It helps the user feel sleepy when they’re ready for bed, and it might restore some elements of the circadian rhythm that were previously disrupted. The result? You can fall asleep faster and stay asleep all night so that you can perform to the best of your ability the next day.  

Enhance Focus 

The ESL wouldn’t have banned CBD from competitions if there wasn’t a good reason. Many studies and user experiences strongly indicate that CBD could enhance a person’s focus and cognitive functioning. 

The neurocognitive effects might include better memory, the ability to ignore distractions, eliminated worries, better hand-eye coordination, and so much more. 

Best of all, CBD doesn’t make you high because there’s not enough THC to be noticeable. CBD complements the natural processes of the body, smoothing out negative hormonal responses and eliminating toxins that might affect cognitive processing. 

Reduce the Risk of Long-term Health Problems 

Some serious gamers are at an increased risk for long-term health problems simply because they don’t get enough exercise. Even though esports champions are playing basketball on the screen, it could be months or even years since they entered a court to play in real life. 

Therefore, gamers are at a slightly elevated risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. They may also have a higher risk for developing certain types of cancer

Surprisingly, CBD may be associated with stopping some of these long-term health effects and promoting an overall sense of health and wellness. It can even help to restore a healthy appetite, encouraging individuals to eat better and fuel their brains and bodies for the competition.