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We could ask that age old question of Why Pizza? over and over again. The obvious answer is that it is great and there’s nothing in the world to top a Pepperoni Passion with added Tandoori Chicken and a bit of a Stuffed Crust. Except maybe a Mighty Meaty with the same additions. Honestly, if we don’t get to work those options in the latest game to hit Xbox, Switch and PlayStation, we’re going to be on the verge of a riot. 

Why Pizza? is the name of that game, created by the team at Marginal Act and picked up by the publishing arm of Sometimes You. It’s a game in which you get to work as a pizza delivery guy, traversing platforms, working your way through physics based puzzles and enjoying the complexities of a delivery job simulator all at the same time. 

It’s true that Why Pizza? is on the other end of the pizza scale to that of The Pizza Delivery Boy Who Saved the World, but there’s certainly room in this pizzeria for both. Of course, your main aim will be to deliver that pizza – and try not to be late in doing so – because actioning your finest skills will ensure you get paid, which in turn allows you to pay the bills and buy food. Although we’re pretty sure you’re already getting cut-price pizza so if the worst comes to the worst you could live off that. 

Downloadable and playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch, Why Pizza? should really cover the bases needed of any fun little platformer. Throw in that pizza twist alongside the seriously cheap price tag – £4.19 from the Xbox Store with an initial 20% discount dropping that down further – and we’re not sure there is anything to stop the addicition. In fact, the only real downside we can see is that, as per usual Sometimes You rules, there are native Xbox One and then fully optimised and native Xbox Series X|S versions to deal with. Just make sure you deliver the version you require. 

Stay tuned for our full review of Why Pizza? on Xbox Series X|S soon. It’s currently in the oven, baking. And no, we’re not putting pineapple on it. We’re not that weird.

Game Description:

Why pizza? Because it’s awesome! You are one of the delivery guys working at the pizzeria and you need to hurry because pizza might get cold. “Why pizza?” is a platformer, physics puzzle, and delivery job simulator at the same time. You have to deliver pizza, get your payment and survive this day. If you don’t have enough money, you’ll lose your house, food, and life, so be careful and work hard! Cheesy wonky characters, funny levels and hot pizza are included.

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