Apex Legends is a great online battle royal game. Even though it was released a relatively long time ago, it is still a popular first-person shooter that captures users with dynamic combat and beautiful graphics. And it’s free to play. Although many gamers already know about the battle existence of this game, you should understand that this title is constantly being improved. Let’s talk about why you should play Apex Legends this fall.

No Bugs And FPS Drops

The developers spend a lot of time optimizing and improving the gameplay. If at the start the game could work incorrectly, now even users with old consoles or personal computers can enjoy the gameplay without problems. If you have an Xbox or other console, you can download this to enjoy smooth dynamic combat scenes without any lags. 

Thanks to this, the search for companions for each match becomes as comfortable as possible. It allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of dynamic battles and enjoy the combat skills of your characters.

This game is especially popular among students. Also, this is a free shooter, so you can save money to pay for college papers. There is no shame in delegating some of your student assignments to writing service and continuing to play Apex Legends with your friends.

Cross-play & New Events

Cross-play is another reason why you should return to this game. The fact is that now you can play not only on the Xbox or any other game console but also on the computer on united servers. This means that you can optionally select the cross-play option and increase the chances that more people will join your game.

Now you do not need to wait until the game lobby is filled with all the necessary players. This is a very good aspect that allows you to improve the dynamics and speed of battles. If you wish, you can always disable this option to play only with console players.

New events are another point why you should return to this game. The fact is that various battle passes and events allow players to feel the spirit of rivalry and get a lot of positive emotions. The developers add a huge amount of new content, so this is an excuse for you to come back and try your skills on the international stage.

You can even fight in eSports tournaments with your team and win titles. But you should ask the question in advance, “Who can do my math homework and other papers?” Pick a writing service and start playing.

Lots Of New Characters

Since the developers regularly add new characters, you will be able to feel the radically changed gameplay. The fact is that all Legends are balanced and have a certain set of skills. 

That is why you can develop a dynamic strategy to play together with your friends in a team and defeat all opponents. Perhaps the new character will be much more interesting than the old ones that you already know well. If you are the first to hone your skills in combos and other features, then you can gain an advantage.

Battle Passes

New battle passes are what you need to try. For each new season, the developers create new content to meet the needs of the players. This is your chance to learn many new activities, start your own path in tournaments and win. New maps and different missions will allow you to enjoy online battles. You can also read the background story of the new characters as well as the nuances of the battle passes.

Thousands of New Online Players

This fall, the game got a second breath and hundreds of thousands of players again actively took part in online battles. This is a chance to meet new people and spend time with benefit honing combat skills. If your friends cannot join you for any reason, then this is not a day to deny yourself in gaming pleasure. Start an online session with other players and get your minute of glory by defeating your opponents.

Always Be Closing Evolved Mode

If you are a fan of Apex Legends, you probably knew about the “Always Be Closing Evolved” mode. The fact is that in this case, the game offers you a dynamically narrowing battle space that allows users to conduct more active gameplay. You will have to move quickly and try to eliminate all opponents until they do the same.

The fact is that you will not have time to seek cover and conduct tactical actions. This mode assumes exclusively action and the need to shoot as quickly as possible. If you like dynamic battles, then this is a good option for you.

Fun PvE-Missions

The developers have added tons of new PvE-missions this fall, so you can test them yourself and have a lot of fun. Each mission includes new features and gameplay nuances that you should learn. This will allow you to train your fighting skills and get a lot of emotions together with your friends while completing the next task.