Digital platforms are growing every year. Along with the rise of digital platforms, we see that people suffer from identity theft. It’s not only stealing the identity through different platforms, but it could also be related to money. In most cases, when someone has stolen the identity, they can take your money from particular platforms.

The debate about the facial scan started back in 2015 when the pioneer company in this industry introduced new technology. As of now, facial scan technology is used around the world, and many business entities use it without any issues. People think that XBox and PlayStation should get the same facial scan system because there is an equal amount of identity theft in digital video gaming as on other platforms.

What’s the facial recognition system?

It’s a new word in technology. In a name, the facial recognition system will identify or confirm that the owner uses the account. Don’t be confused – no one is going to spy on your face or daily life. Everything depends on the artificial algorithm that identifies whether its authentic user or someone stole the account.

There has been a massive debate over the smart algorithm’s power. In most cases, platforms use an intelligent algorithm that’s capable of taking pictures of your face, and it concerns many people.

Implementation of Facial scan – big start from Canada

The application of new technology started in Canada. The country’s government passed the bill last year, and every digital gambling operator had to follow the new law. Canada has tested facial scan technology on digital gaming platforms. Casinos and online betting websites have to develop a straightforward rule – implement facial technology. According to the latest statistics, the facial scan system has prevented identity theft or any account stealing. Every top online casino Canada has implemented the technology, and it became a hit for 2019. We have seen the rise of debate, but gamers have been in peace since then. It’s not only about losing account credentials or access to different files, and it was about losing money. After implementing new technology, Canadians can continue playing different casino games without any issues.

Canada was the pioneer on the market to implement new technology. Developed countries have followed the success recipe of Canada. For example, China and Australia decided to use facial scan technology from the mid of October. Australia followed the same foot-prints as Canada did. The Australian government decided to use facial technology first on digital gaming platforms. Every Casino, Roulette, Poker, or another platform in China and Australia are now using the facial scan.

Obligatory for i-gaming platforms, mandatory for users

Don’t be stressed over the usage of a facial scan system. No one is going to use it

against your will. If you don’t want to be part of this movement, then you can easily disable the technology from your profile setting. Also, the business entity using the facial scan may reject your request about the loss if your account gets hacked or stolen. It’s essential to understand the significant value that facial scans can give you regular gamers.

Why it’s a perfect system for XBox and PlayStation?

Video game consoles are very popular among children and youngsters. Official data shows that Xbox and PlayStation users mostly use credit cards for buying the subscription, digital games, passcodes, plug-ins, etc.

It’s essential to understand the importance of a facial scan system. Hackers are always trying to get access to Xbox online accounts so they might get access to Credit cards. Don’t forget one crucial fact – the facial scan will use an artificial algorithm to explore the face of the user. When someone is logged into the account, they will go through a facial scan without understanding it. In just a few seconds, the smart algorithm will finish the scan and notify you about the results.

The facial scan system will block usage of account if the algorithm can identify the real users. When the face is unrecognizable, then the smart algorithm will limit the usage of the account. The user won’t have access to credit cards and other funds. In that way, it gets easier to fight against hackers who want to steal money or account from you. A facial will transform the gaming industry into the real world where the stealing of accounts will be impossible.