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Wild River Games certainly deal with a ‘type’ of game and after arriving on the scene a couple of months back with the surprisingly decent Horse Club Adventures, that same team have now rocked up onto Xbox once again – this time with a videogame version of Ooops! 2. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Ooops! 2 is being sold as a game for the whole family, building on the antics of Ooops! 2 the film – currently showing in cinemas as Two by Two: Overboard – as players get the chance to join Dave, Finny, Hazel, Leah or even ass Chief Clyde and Patch as they embark on some fast and furious cooking opportunities. 

Whilst obviously not as accomplished as the likes of Overcooked!, Ooops! 2 will have you trying to work your way through a variety of recipes, making the most of numerous stages and cooking up tasty treats for hordes of hungry beasts. With much of Ooops! 2 playing you through backdrops from the movie, interspersed with original film sequences for good measure, if you’re a fan of the film – or know a little un who is – then you should be seen right by what Ooops! 2 is offering Xbox players.

There are a ton of stages and recipes to get involved in too, with no less than 33 levels seeing you creating 21 different recipe types. Throw in the fact that Ark, Nestrian Colony and Island, along with those playable characters are also included and there should be much to love. 

We’ll do what we can to get a review of Ooops! 2 on Xbox out there as soon as possible. 

In the meantime you’ll find yourself able to download the game from the Xbox Store

Game Description:

The game for the whole family based on the popular movie!  Stay busy juggling increasingly exciting and complex recipes in this fast & furious cooking game based on the colourful and successful feature film Ooops! 2 ! Slip into the role of Dave or Kate and provide the hungry mob on the ark with ever-changing tasty treats.  The wonderful animals on the ark are hungry. As cook for the whole horde of beasts on the ark you’ve got your hands full stuffing all those jaws. Prepare fascinating dishes out of fabulous ingredients and unlock popular characters from the movie. Play as Dave, Finny, Hazel, Leah, or even as Chief Clyde and Patch.  Stay busy juggling increasingly exciting and complex recipes and master the widely varying levels. There are many variations of backdrop settings from the movie and numerous original film sequences straight out of the cinema! Ooops! 2 is fabulous game fun for the whole family!

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