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We’ve all had stuff we’d rather forget: traumas, bad experiences, embarrassing moment or even people altogether. Sadly, the world can’t offer us an experience like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. But, Will Die Alone, out today on Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC will at least allow us to see why such technology may not be the best idea anyways.

As the newest employee at the Dewitt Corporation, you have the ability to cancel people memories. People will pay healthily to have certain sections of their memory erased completely. It isn’t a job that people want to do, as the ramifications can be worse than the problem was initially. However, you have been chosen to perform such job.

By logging in remotely each day, you can see the customer and are presented with information about them. You will have to work out which memory they want erasing and then click on it to get rid of it forever. But be careful, removing memories could have serious repercussions.

Will Die Alone takes places primarily on a digital representation of a computer screen as you work to remove memories. It isn’t work to be taken lightly though, and should serve as a poignant reminder that our past experiences, no matter how terrible some of them are, help shape us into the people we are today.

Working in a videogame is nothing new. In amongst all the Farming Simulators there is the recently released The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Edition. Will Die Alone may be the strangest job committed to game yet though.

And above all this, is the work being carried out at Dewitt Corporation ethical? As the newest employee, it will be down to you to uncover what is happening behind closed doors.

Available to download now, Will Die Alone is priced at £4.19 on the Xbox Store. Providing our memories don’t get wiped, our review will be on its way soon. For now though, let’s keep it light and let us know which game you would have wiped from your memory so you could enjoy it again for the first time?

Game description

Congratulations! You just got hired by Dewitt Corp. for their memory program, your job starts tomorrow. Our customers come to us to solve their current problems. Your task is to dig into their past and find the right memories to erase to change their present and future. For each customer, you will receive a series of personal information on your PC that you can analyze. Choose carefully, every memory removed can have enormous effects on the present and future of the customer. You will be sent to an isolated place to be able to work with peace of mind, we will keep in touch via email.

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