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You need a gimmick if you’re going to stand out in the Shoot ‘Em Up genre. Colour-shifting ships, time-manipulation, chucking it into a vintage arcade cabinet: we’ve seen a few over the years. Switch ‘n’ Shoot believes it has the next big gimmick. When you shoot, you switch direction. If you miss, you’re immediately facing 180 degrees from the target you wanted to hit. That’s less than ideal!

Switch ‘N’ Shoot is out now on Xbox One and PS4. It’s been out for a little while on PC via Steam and Switch.

It’s hard to comprehend how annoying that’s going to be. Our first instinct is ‘very’, but Switch ‘N’ Shoot has grabbed our curiosity, if only for the audacity of the gimmick, and we’re eager to see if developer Matt Glanville can wrangle it into something entertaining.

He’s certainly got a handle on the limitations of it, as it’s a game where you’re meant to die – lots and lots of times – and you can instantly jump back into the action with a touch of a button. This sounds like it will give you room to make mistakes, and puts the joys of the game a bit more into focus. As the press materials tell us, you will need to think on your feet and time your shots carefully.

This is a budget title, so it’s a short-form experiment that won’t cost you a pretty penny. If you don’t like it, you can Switch ‘N’ Shoot for something else. And if you’re still not sure, check out our full review of the game on Xbox One.

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Switch ‘N’ Shoot is out now on Xbox One and will cost you £3.79. It’s also out on PS4, Switch and PC via Steam. 

Game Description:

Endless arcade shoot-em-up action with just ONE button – Switch directions whenever you shoot! Calling all pilots: Earth is under alien attack! Your assistance is required! No experience necessary.


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