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Wondershot has arrived on the Xbox One Games Store…and if you’re quick, you can nab it with a special Gold discount.

Available right now, Wondershot will usually set you back a cool £10.39. However, rock up to the Xbox One Games Store with your Xbox Live Gold membership card in hand, and you’ll be treated to a little discount, dropping it under a tenner and into the ‘oh okay, I may as well give this a go’ territory. That’s £8.83 to those not in the know!

A local multiplayer arena battler, Wondershot will give you one piece of ammo and one life. What you do with those is completely up to you but we advise trying to take out your opponents with the shot, whilst trying to keep alive. With a number of solo challenges in place and an endless coop mode to get your teeth into, Wondershot could just be worth a little, um, shot!

Features include:

  • Multiplayer Fun: Whether it’s intense competitive four-player matches or cooperative play against an endless wave of baddies, Wondershot is all about multiplayer fun
  • Intuitive Controls: Responsive controls and play mechanics enable gamers to focus on the multiplayer mayhem
  • Choose Your Weapon Wisely: Players choose from four different weapons, each with their own strengths and special abilities:
    • Arrow: Select from basic slow homing arrow or lightning-fast straight shot
    • Boomerang: Quick-firing weapon with special “hover” ability use for strategic sneakiness
    • Hammer: Powerful melee weapon with the special ability to fly through obstacles
    • Slingshot: Use the wall bounce ability to shoot big, slow, small or fast bullets
  • Unique Maps and Obstacles: Players must deal with shifting obstacles, mud that slows down movement, quick map portals, and much more
  • Challenge Mode: Learn the basic, master advanced tactics, and challenge each of the 45 challenge stages to get the top ranking

Game Description:

Wondershot is a local multiplayer battle arena! You have only one ammo and one life to defeat your opponent. If you miss your shot, your ammo will be lost on the map and you need to pick it up without dying. You can play 1 to 4 players. Each round, your weapon changes and the map does too. You have four analog weapons: Hammer: You can dash towards walls and ammos, it’s a melee weapon. You dash further if you load your weapon. Bow: If you load your bow, your arrow will be extremely fast, if not your arrow will have a little auto aiming. Boomerang: It’s a very fast weapon which comes back. If your load your weapon, the boomerang becomes stationary. He comes back when you decide. Slingshot: The slingshot bounces three times before stopping. It’s a very tricky weapon! If you load your weapon, the slingshot becomes faster, but smaller. Wondershot has 3 game modes: Multiplayer: you can fight 1 to 4 players. Challenges (solo mode): 45 challenges are there to really ask the best from you. Endless (cooperation mode): It’s cooperative battles against waves of monsters. The map changes dynamically for each wave! Mages, Chargers, Supports, Ranged and Melee monsters, you will have a lot to do to survive! No luck, just skill !

The Xbox One Games Store awaits. Let us know if you pick it up!

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