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World of Warcraft: Powered by GeForce Now


The map of Azeroth is huge, fun, and infinitely colorful, pulling in thousands of gamers excited to go on exotic quests, defeat wicked enemies, and make ever-lasting comrades. For those gamers seeking to know the World of Warcraft in its whole beauty, NVIDIA’s GeForce soon gives a unique technique to upgrade gameplay.

Imagine exploring the vast realms of Azeroth with stunning clarity and minimal lag, all without needing a powerful gaming rig. GeForce NOW, the cutting-edge cloud gaming service, makes this dream a reality, offering World of Warcraft fans a seamless, high-quality experience on any device. You should buy Gold as it gives a huge benefit in completing quests and World of Warcraft gold in SkyCoach portal is very authentic and easy to buy. 

In this blog, we’ll dive into the transformative power of GeForce NOW, revealing how it enhances your World of Warcraft adventures. From breathtaking graphics and smoother gameplay to the freedom of gaming on the go, discover how GeForce NOW redefines your raids, dungeon crawls, and PvP battles.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the wonders of Azeroth, let GeForce NOW elevate your journey, making every moment more intense and enjoyable than ever before.

Heroes Rise to the Cloud

This week, World of Warcraft ascends to the cloud, joining 17 new games added to the GeForce NOW library, with seven ready to stream immediately. Plus, it’s time for some goodies! Starting now, you can earn a new in-game item in The Elder Scrolls Online by joining GeForce NOW’s Rewards system.

Epic Adventures Await

Dive into the mystical landscapes of World of Warcraft, including the latest expansion, Dragonflight, the nostalgic journey of World of Warcraft Classic, and the newly released World of Warcraft Cataclysm Classic.

Explore the untamed Dragon Isles atop mighty dragons and uncover the mysteries of the newly awakened Dracthyr Evokers, WoW’s first-ever race-and-class combination.

GeForce NOW Premium and Best members can immerse themselves in this epic online adventure with RTX ON, delivering stunning visuals and reduced lag for an unparalleled questing and battle experience.

Prepare for the resurgence of Deathwing the Destroyer, whose catastrophic return reshapes the lands of Azeroth. Step into a realm of fire and chaos in World of Warcraft Cataclysm Classic, ushering in a new era for Azeroth. This revitalized classic offers new dungeons, raids, race and class combinations, and much more. Get ready to lead Azeroth into its next age of adventure and discovery.


Chances are you’re a skilled gamer or an excited newbie, your adventure on the way to the Azeroth of yesteryear in World of Warcraft. Explore the online platform as it used to be at its original time, with some fresh changes. Explore the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, go into epic deeps, or participate in amazing PvP fights.

Learn the whole of this seamlessly through a GeForce NOW membership. Say goodbye to the wait for loading or app changes, same for the coming World of Warcraft variation, The War Within.

Gamers Need to Rise

GeForce NOW gamers take advantage of goodies that improve their digital adventures. This week, The Elder Scrolls Online’s 10-year reunion goes on with a limited-time in-game goodie for GeForce NOW gamers.

They give a fantastic technique to go around the realm, giving players a whole fresh adventure as compared to riding a horse. This fresh cost-free option gives gamers a colorful, multi-hued creature with a warm vibe, best for both newbie gamers and those who are skilled to go into tricky places. With GeForce NOW, your journeys in Azeroth and beyond are more available and exciting than ever.

Get Your No-cost Reward

Starting today, GeForce NOW members can claim their free mount by opting into rewards and checking their email for redemption instructions. Ultimate and Priority members can redeem it immediately, while free members can claim it starting May 31. This exclusive offer is available until June 30 on a first-come, first-served basis.

New Games, Assemble!

Dive into Capes, a turn-based strategy game from Daedalic Entertainment. Set up a team of comrades, prepare them, and send them to get back the city from evil power. Upgrade your characters to discover new skills and mighty upgrades. Plus, each hero gains unique team-up abilities from their allies, adding depth and strategy to their battles.


Can Xbox Keep Up?

In a thrilling head-to-head test, Xbox Cloud Gaming struggled to keep pace with NVIDIA GeForce NOW in a challenging internet environment. Playing DOOM 64 on the same Wi-Fi network turned into a nerve-wracking ordeal, marred by constant screen freezes and sluggish performance.

While Xbox Cloud Gaming shines on robust networks, GeForce NOW proves its mettle even in less-than-ideal conditions. For gamers contending with subpar Wi-Fi, GeForce NOW’s stellar performance makes it the undeniable champion.

GeForce NOW’s prowess in adverse conditions highlights its unwavering commitment to delivering a seamless gaming experience to millions, regardless of their home network quality. Be it due to location constraints or structural challenges, gamers can trust GeForce NOW to keep their adventures smooth and exhilarating.

Navigating the Cloud Gaming Landscape: NVIDIA vs. Xbox

European homes often boast incredibly thick walls that can make Wi-Fi signals unreliable. In these environments, NVIDIA’s tech outshines Xbox’s solution, which often works best within the home where many already have a native gaming option. For me, cloud gaming truly shines on the road—ironically, the same scenario where cloud performance can be weakest.

The journey to widespread cloud gaming adoption is fraught with challenges. High costs and significant energy consumption for platform providers, the restrictive ecosystems imposed by giants like Apple and Google, and geographical limitations all create formidable barriers. Yet, when cloud gaming functions seamlessly, it showcases its remarkable potential.

Microsoft is experiencing “double-digit” growth in its cloud gaming services, signaling that technological advancements will continue to enhance its feasibility. Sources reveal that Xbox Cloud Gaming’s “bring your games” feature might debut as early as July, broadening the service beyond the confines of the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

Although Xbox holds a content advantage over NVIDIA, especially for Xbox users, the pivotal question remains: Can Xbox’s cloud technology ever rival NVIDIA’s? Or will Microsoft opt to prioritize content, leaving the technical prowess to others? The dynamic evolution of cloud gaming technology promises an exhilarating future for gamers worldwide.


In conclusion, while Xbox leads in content, NVIDIA’s superior tech for navigating connectivity challenges sets it apart. As cloud gaming evolves, the balance between content and technology will shape its future. Both platforms have unique strengths, and the upcoming innovations promise an exciting journey for gamers worldwide in WoW.

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