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It’s time to set sail in Wargaming’s latest console offering as the free-to-play MMO World of Warships: Legends has arrived on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Want to find out what’s available in this early access version?

A new generation of budding captains can now look forward to hoisting their colours as the epic online naval combat game, that’s well known on PC, has made its way to consoles for the first time. World of Warships: Legends is the second title from developers Wargaming to launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, following the successful experience provided by World of Tanks: Mercenaries. The early access sees players able to join 9v9 battles on 15 different maps and choose from more than 20 commanders to be responsible for one of 50 ships out of three diversified classes: Destroyers, Cruisers and Battleships. And it’s worth noting all of which will be HDR supported.

Due to the capabilities of the latest consoles, you can expect faster and more exhilarating combat, additional options to develop your commanders, a revamped user interface, intuitive new controls, and exclusive content. There’ll are plenty of updates in the pipeline to and tons of new content to look forward to with Japanese ships on the horizon, as well as incorporating new maps to experience.

“We are happy to finally introduce veteran captains and new players alike to World of Warships: Legends on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One,” said Kirill Peskov, Development Director at Wargaming St. Petersburg. “This is the second Wargaming title to launch on home consoles, and the quality of the experience is testament to the incredible talent and passion of the development team in St. Petersburg. We hope players will enjoy embarking on this new voyage with us!”

You can try to master the seas in history’s greatest warships and show off your naval supremacy right now in World of Warships: Legends on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for free. Alternatively, buying the Premium Edition is a viable option should you wish to receive a selection bonuses in return for £23.99. This allows you to kick off your naval career with an Iwaki, a Tier III Japanese cruiser; Arkansas, a Tier III American battleship; a unique “Founder” permanent camouflage; a unique Founder’s Flag; seven days of Premium Account time; and 1,000 Doubloons.

There are also two other bundles to take into account for those with cash burning a hole in their pockets – Deluxe Edition (£44.99) and Ultimate Edition (£69.99)– both of which provide even more Doubloons, Premium time, extra ships and some credits. Whilst you’re deciding whether to get involved in this naval world, we’d recommend having a read of our hands-on thoughts from the closed beta, while further thoughts covering this Early Access release will be coming soon.

Game Description:

Experience epic naval action in World of Warships: Legends, a global multiplayer free-to-play online game where you can master the seas in history’s greatest warships! Recruit legendary commanders, upgrade your vessels, and stake your claim to naval supremacy with or against players around the world. LIMITLESS CONTENT Helm dozens of warships from the 20th century’s most powerful navies, set sail for glory across stunning oceanic vistas and soundscapes, and enjoy regular free updates. CHOOSE YOUR COMBAT STYLE Take control of destroyers, cruisers, or battleships to best suit your playstyle, from a guns blazing approach, to more careful and methodical attacks, and more. TURN THE TIDE IN EPIC 9 V 9 BATTLES Join forces with friends to challenge players around the world, and work together to devise strategies and plan attacks to outgun your opponents and turn the tide of battle.

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