world war z the professionals pack

Wanna show that undead horde who is boss? You’ll be wanting to get access to the World War Z – The Professionals Pack as soon as possible.

Available to purchase and add into your World War Z base game right now, the Professionals Pack is the latest content addition that promises so much. Following on from the likes of the Special Operations Forces Pack, the Professionals Pack will enable you the chance to kit your team our in the most recent threads.

As the title of the pack suggests, this means you’ll get access to new costumes, seeing Kimiko taking in a top-of-the-line, military contractor grade makeover, Mizrahi going a bit wild, Ivan coming complete with a classic Russian style, and Tashaun going all-out full first responder with a rough and ready firefighter suit.

Should you be looking to ensure your fellow World War Z survivors turn the heads, and fancy taking down the most manic of zombie hordes in style, then the World War Z Professionals Pack should be something for you. You will obviously need the base game to hand first – and our full review of that is here for your perusal – but from there on out the Xbox Store (or your preferred store for that matter) will happily provide the download.

Let us know in the comments below if you decide to grab it. And if the madness of World War Z doesn’t float your boat but you just can’t get through the day without taking in a zombie fix, then it may well be worth you check out the brilliant Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

DLC Description:

Dripping with attitude, these new threads will not only make you feel like a lean, mean zeke-slaying machine, they will also turn heads among your fellow survivors as you mow down the hordes in style.

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