With just over a month to go until its release, Team17 have revealed another gameplay trailer for Worms W.M.D which focuses on the environments.

Worms W.M.D is set to contain single player action across 20 training missions, 30 campaign missions and 10 challenges, whilst the local and online multiplayer side will allow up to six players to take part. When it releases on the 23rd August (Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC), players will be getting stuck in to the turn-based warfare in six different, highly detailed hand drawn locations: Countryside, Downtown, Frontier, Motherland, Rainforest and Orient. These stunning landscapes help showcase one of the new gameplay features shown off in the trailer, the buildings.

The addition of buildings will bring an even greater tactical layer to proceedings, offering a hiding place to fire off a few shots from. Although they could be the ideal place for a worm to play defensive, buildings can also be useful for performing an ambush on any unsuspecting enemies. Just imagine plonking a Sentry Gun down, sticking your feet up and revelling in the ensuing carnage.

These are merely words though and seeing it in action is the only way for you to truly appreciate this new feature, so have a watch below…

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