wwe 2k15There’s a lot of talk about whether there’d be a historical mode like last year again or a pure career mode, turns out there’s actually both.

The look back at WWE history will now be under the 2K Showcase mode but rather than an era or a major PPV like last year’s WrestleMania mode, it will instead be focussing on rivalries. Two huge rivalries in fact and each one will be an in-depth look at the war between the participants who are still unidentified. We can only speculate on whom they could be for now and those memorable long term battles that spring to mind are Rock vs Austin, Taker vs Kane and Cena vs Orton.

As for the Career mode, it seems 2K have taken the popular MyCareer from their NBA 2K series and manipulated it to fit the wrestling business in WWE 2K15. Having played NBA 2K14, this is rather exciting because of the stat progression a created character goes through and how the media is incorporated to add a more realistic feel to it all.

Sadly the MyCareer mode will NOT be available on last generation (Xbox 360 & PS3) versions. That’s all for now but I hope you’re all as excited as we are.

Cena screen 2k15

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8 years ago

[…] reveal list that has been running for a while now, but this week we also told you more about the game modes that will come with 2K15 and indeed the biggest of big deals; the commencing of pre-orders for the Hulkamania Edition of […]

Cristin Ling
Cristin Ling
8 years ago

Looks really good