wwe 2k15

WWE has hit hard times lately on the financial side but that seemingly hasn’t stopped them getting stuck in to the next venture in the 2K Games series of video games.

2K officially announced that WWE 2K15 will be releasing on 28th October in North America and showing off worldwide on 31st October for both Xbox One and Xbox 360. The WWE entertainment product has created a real buzz since Wrestlemania 30 and it’ll be interesting to see if any of the rising stars will make the front cover this year. Should Daniel Bryan not be in the spotlight then it’d be great to see the Shield or a certain beast-like Shield member take his place.

We’ve had the Attitude Era and Wrestlemania focussed games so what could be next on 2K’s agenda? Will the next-gen open up a whole new area of possibilities? Keep an eye out for more details as we find them.


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