Every now and then, game modes need a revamp and freshening up to avoid getting stale. The Universe Mode in the WWE 2K games has felt in need of such treatment, and now 2K have revealed more details showing that WWE 2K17’s version is getting an overhaul in various ways… and that’s a good thing!

For those uninitiated with the Universe Mode, basically the idea is to customise and play out the experience of running all the main shows and PPVs, pitting Superstars against each other and throwing your favourites into the mix for Championship. You could give Fandango a title shot, or have Roman Reigns jobbing to Heath Slater. It’s all about control, with the option to stand back and watch how things play out.


As a long time fan, my head is filled to the brim with ideas of how to run SmackDown, ways to bolster the Tag division and even to create new shows entirely. Previously, I’d be worried about making too many huge changes, thus turning it all into a mess, but now there’s going to be additional save slots for unleashing those creative juices. Add to this the improved presentation style, which brings that broadcast feel to the official shows and helps your own creations stand out with their identity too.

What happens during a show will also be rather different, as some of the newest additions include Promos and Run-ins. Superstars can say how they really feel as they address the WWE crowds and their rivals on the mic. Sometimes words aren’t enough, and now the option to run-in has returned, with the choice of which match and at what point of it to make your surprise entrance to infuriate your current, or indeed your next, rival of the squared circle. This all should add an extra dimension to proceedings, with a sprinkle of the A.I.’s own spontaneous decisions.

And that’s another thing we can look forward to as the Universe can regularly conjure up surprises of its own via the post-match happenings. There are sore losers, graceful winners and even backstage onlookers waiting to make their moves. Due to the work of 2K’s motion capture and animation teams, most of the cutscene content has been massively improved and much of it will be fresh to the player.


All signs are pointing to a revamped version of the Universe Mode being a real draw for WWE fans looking to get stuck into WWE 2K17. Storylines will hopefully developed in more exciting ways, and the new presentation can only add to the authenticity of proceedings, whilst the Promo system seems to be ideal as a new function to get over with the fans and initiate rivalries. Everything decent from previous years is still going to be present and correct, including plenty of the usual customisation options, hence WWE 2K have done what’s best for business.

Do you think they’ve done enough to enhance the Universe Mode for WWE 2K17? Let us know in the comments…

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