We’ve had the chance to go Bump in the Night, we’ve seen wrestling fans the globe over be able to enjoy the celebration of the Southpaw Regional Wrestling, and take to the ring as one of the Wasteland Warriors. Today though 2K are going one step further in the hope of pushing WWE 2K20 to a wider audience with the launch of the futuristic Empire of Tomorrow DLC.

Available right now for WWE fans to purchase and download is the WWE 2K20 Empire of Tomorrow DLC. Working as the latest Originals content drop – the fourth one no less – this pack provides an altogether different vibe, one that takes us to the neon streets of Neo-Osaka as hackers, androids and robots roam the land.

With the all-powerful Authority Megacorp controlling matters, things turn into a bit of a mess and this is where the new story-driven 2K Showcase comes into play, helping push Empire of Tomorrow along.

Throw in the fact that this £11.99 DLC pack drops a number of new Story Towers into proceedings, along with a couple of new arenas, no less than 8 new playable characters and a host of Superstar parts and objects, and should you be a wrestling fan, you’re pretty much sorted.

Of course, WWE 2K20 didn’t go down particularly well upon release, with issues from the get-go ensuring that this has come across as one of the worst wrestling titles of recent years. But hey, if you splashed the case upon launch and are in it for the long haul, then grabbing some extra content via the Empire of Tomorrow pack could well be tempting.

Just head over to your usual digital stores and grab it. Our favourite is obviously that of the Xbox Store. As always with these packs, if you have previously purchased the Backstage Pass or went all in with the WWE 2K20 Deluxe Edition, you’ll find the content automagically appearing.

DLC Description:

WWE 2K20 Originals: Empire of Tomorrow is the fourth entry in the WWE 2K20 Originals series of DLC packs, each with a different theme that will introduce all-new realms to WWE fans. In the neon-soaked future-city of Neo-Osaka, hackers, androids, and robot hunters roam the streets, all under the watchful eye of the all-powerful Authority Megacorp.  Asuka is a hacker on the run from the Authority Megacorp, but Chairwoman Alexa Bliss of Authority Megacorp has offered Asuka a deal:  Return stolen data and have their criminal records wiped clean.  The deal goes sideways when Alexa refuses to hold up her end, leaving Asuka’s crew with no choice but to defend themselves against the Authority’s onslaught of security systems.  Empire of Tomorrow includes a new story-driven 2K Showcase, 4 story towers, 2 all-new arenas, 8 playable characters, new VO and commentary, dozens of new themed Superstar parts, and objects. This item is included in the WWE 2K20 Deluxe Edition and Backstage Pass.

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