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When something bad happened in WeakWood Kingdom, it was time to find out exactly what went wrong. And that’s where you come in.

WeakWood Throne is the latest little indie adventure to arrive on Xbox and PlayStation with the development team of Gnelf and the publishing arm of Drageus Games giving gamers the chance to sit upon the titular throne. 

It plays out as an open-world adventure, one in which story beats and diagloue hits will push you from quest to quest, collecting up the usual RPG stylings of XP, skills points, loot and inventory moments throughout. 

But it’s the action which is where WeakWood Throne will come into its own as you involve yourself with close-combat, ranged or magic strikes as you attempt to uncover what has gone wrong in the kingdom. With the promise of boss fights, plenty of chatter with the kingdom’s population and even the chance to travel via skateboard or boat if you so wish, for the price asked, this could well be an utter bargain. 

Key features include:

  • Open world travels in various landscapes
  • Story, dialogues and quests
  • RPG: XP, skill points, loot, inventory
  • Action: close-combat, ranged and/or magic
  • An epic final battle

What is that price? A mere £4.19 is all you’ll need to be able to download WeakWood Throne on Xbox from the Xbox Store. Expect a similar price on PlayStation too. 

We’re currently working on a little review and will let you know how WeakWood Throne plays out very soon. 

Game Description:

Something bad happened in WeakWood Kingdom… furious beasts wandering in the fields, people getting more miserable each day… it all started since the new King reigns. Find out what’s wrong in the throne room! Travel wherever you want by skateboard or boat, talk to the population, take quests and slay monsters to gain XP, upgrade skill points in strength, dexterity or magic, earn gold in secret chests, buy and loot powerful weapons and armors as well as potions or accessories. You’ll need to boost up your stats and find your preferred combat style to prepare for the final journey East.. to the King’s castle! On this dangerous path, the enemies are even stronger but they’re just an appetizer for what awaits you in the ultimate fight!

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