When Microsoft created the first Xbox in 2001, its sole aim was to use the console to gain market share in the emerging gaming world. Well, Microsoft made the right move at the right time. The gaming industry has since made billions of dollars in revenue and this streak doesn’t look like it’s going to wane anytime soon. The Xbox console has sold millions since 2001 obviously as a result of the insatiable desires of game enthusiasts around the world. 

With an ever increasing progress in technology the gaming world continues to thrill gamers developing games with high-end resolution and cinematic graphics. Games like God of War, Grand Theft Auto V, The Witcher 3, Gravity Rush have racked up a steady fan base and raked in millions of dollars. The internet has also made gaming increasingly fun as different players can play missions, raid and crack difficult levels together. It’s this advent of online gaming that gave birth to iGaming and online casinos. 

Enter iGaming

iGaming came about as a result of the gaming industry’s attempt to create games specifically suited for gambling lovers. Punters wanted online versions of various gambling games such as poker, roulette and baccarat, ostensibly to be able to experience the pleasure of playing with different people with varying level of skills. 

The exact time of origin of online gambling is a subject of great debate, however major sources point back to 1994. But what made online gambling popular and by extension online casinos was the proliferation of mobile devices. With mobile devices, users could play their favorite games and entertain themselves with ease over the internet. Another factor that hugely contributed to the widespread patronization of online casinos is the increased level of transparency. Many people can now place bets online with the assurance that there are no foul plays involved in the online gambling process.  

The huge potential in iGaming has seen a tremendous increase in the number of online casinos. The iGaming industry has become fiercely competitive causing many online casinos to give out attractive mouth-watering bonuses. 

The creation of cryptocurrencies has also seen the rise of bitcoin online casinos that allow players to place bet with digital currencies. 

Video Games Vs iGaming

While some people may see video and iGaming as different, on the contrary, they have many similarities. It’s no argument that Video gaming in conjunction with the internet gave birth to what is known as iGaming.  As with video games, most online gambling games, with a few notable exceptions, require strategy and patience to win.  The only difference in both may be that with iGaming a player gets to earn financial bonuses and cash rewards.  Games like poker, roulette and slots are great examples of casino games that bear major similarities with video games.

For example poker can be compared with XCOM 2 one of the most popular strategy video games. In XCOM 2 a player starts with six soldiers struggling against the overwhelming scourge of an alien species. Direct combat is suicide so guerilla warfare is the only option. Every step in every mission must be planned with perfection. With poker a player starts with 5 cards. To win the game, he has to discard all cards that may constitute a higher house edge. Every move must be carefully thought out within a very short time frame of 5-10 seconds.  

Another great example of the similarity between video games and casino games is best seen when comparing Magic: the gathering with slots. Both games require some bit of skill but more importantly luck. In Magic: the gathering, a player must have the basic knowledge and combination of cards as a fundamental skill for playing the game. But the possibility of winning depends largely on whether he draws the right card at the right moment. Also, this same combination of skill and luck largely determines the successful outcome of a player when he plays the slot machine and the roulette. Although many may think winning on the slot machine depends solely on luck, however a player needs proper bank roll management and the discretion to choose games with high pay backs. Comparatively, to make wins playing roulette, a player must know how to manage his bankroll effectively by choosing the single zero wheel without a lower house edge instead of the double zero wheel.  


iGaming came about as a result of people’s desire to play their favorite casino games online. iGaming and video gaming bear lots of similarities, the only difference being that people who play online casino games gain cash rewards for playing. This feature of iGaming that combines entertainment and profitability is the reason online gambling is gaining, and will continue to gain traction among game lovers and punters alike.