Nowadays, we witness the most massive game development for Xbox, either indie, or huge projects. Although there is an antithesis that playing games is harmful to eyes and mental health, video games play an important role in our society. There is an opinion that games can be utilized even in the studying process at schools and universities. In fact, gamers buy relevant products for several reasons: some want to enjoy the touching story, others want to see the game mechanics and features, and there are those want to get pleasure from graphics. However, we would like to pose a question to you: how about using an XBOX game as a concentration trainer? You may not recognize it, but some video games can improve your concentration skills, even on a subconscious level. So, what games are the top dogs for better focusing? Let’s find out!


You’ve probably dreamed of being a billionaire and having your own financial empire. The game invented during the Great Depression in the USA can grant you such a possibility. Moreover, it is also available on XBOX! The rules are very simple, but the game process is rather complicated. You have to accumulate your business capital, make up your own strategy, and invest money in profitable objects (industries, real estate, etc.). And yes, you’ve probably told yourself: “I really need to remain concentrated while playing this game, because I can lose the whole amount of money unexpectedly! Gosh, I should really think like a successful person!” You will definitely be right. 

Likewise, concentration consists of anticipating the steps of real players or the AI. This is also an important skill for a genuine entrepreneur. Thus, if you’re able to predict the next steps of your competitors on XBOX, you will gain precious experience, which may be actual even in real life. As one wise man said: “life is a game”. So, why don’t you practice it in advance? Go for it!

Civilization VI

Sid Meyer’s Civilization games are already considered to be the legendary strategy games of all time. Indeed, it gives us the opportunity to learn more about the history of nations, cultures, religions, ideologies. Furthermore, don’t expect to see massive battles because they aren’t, they last for 4 seconds, and they do not play a crucial role. Instead, you must pay attention to technologies, workers, incomes, diplomacy, territory purchases, rare resources… What a wide range of responsibilities, right? That is why they will be useful to develop your focus ability. It is quite difficult to act in several vectors. Hence, as a strategist, and a wise ruler, you have to prioritize the aims, and sometimes put an emphasis on exact scopes. For example, technologies can be your first priority, diplomacy can be the second one, and so on. Search the ways to lead your nation to glory, and maybe you will find your real-life glory!

Sniper Elite III

Now we will try to change the scope of concentration. This game is considered to be one of the most “precise” shooters because you have to take into account the moving targets, wind power and direction, the position of the main character, distance to the target. Sometimes when you play this game, you may feel yourself in the sniper’s shoes. You delve into a process of aiming, counting all the influential factors and hitting a bull’s eye! Speaking of concentration, if you have free time and want to read more about this topic with a scientific emphasis, go deal now!


And we finish our digest with a universally recognized video game which is quite convenient to play on XBOX. Minecraft is claimed to be the biggest breakthrough within indie games. It has its own community, fans on every continent, but it also gives players a beautiful cube ambiance and a separate world, where you can build houses, castles, or even cities! However, depending on your architectural ambitions, it may take some or a lot of time to realize your Napoleonic intentions! That is why focusing on every block position and making a building perfect can help you improve your concentration skills. Moreover, it is quite a good way to set your creativeness free, in spite of drawing sketches on a piece of paper. In fact, we only mentioned the construction feature of the game. Imagine how many opportunities Minecraft gives its player in various types of activity: crafting tools and weapons, making potions, keeping animal farms, fighting with monsters, etc. What a source for practicing concentration!

That’s all for now! And remember: practice makes your skills better. Games are a good means to both entertain and develop yourself. Nevertheless, sometimes you have to change types of self-improvement. Reading interesting articles and essays is an efficient way to unload the brain. If you are interested in discovering the pros and cons of employing games as a tool for self-development, try Superbgrade, whenever and wherever you want. And don’t bother yourself with ballast tasks!