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A good few times a month, Xbox Game Pass mixes things up a little, throwing out the old and welcoming in the new, giving gamers additional gaming experiences to take in. That’s the case here as July rolls on as three more games make the most of what Game Pass is able to offer.

Hot on the heels of Game Pass subscribers gaining access to Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered and a plethora of other titles headlined by the stunning Limbo, three more Xbox titles roll out into the service.

Well, we say three but if truth be known, it’s really only 2 and a bit as the previously available Dragon Quest Builders 2 – a game which launched into Game Pass in May – gets full Cloud support, letting you enjoy it on your mobile device – with those hopefully powered by gear like GameSir’s X2 Bluetooth Mobile Gaming Controller or Razer’s Kishi – or through the Cloud at

But there are two other games included today that haven’t previously been present on Game Pass, and they are Tropico 6 and UFC 4. 

The latter of those, UFC 4, comes about thanks to the integration of EA Play into Game Pass, giving players the opportunity to jump into the Octogon, taking in a brilliant Career mode, enjoying the thrill of the fight and some of the most fluid UFC-styled gameplay to have ever hit the virtual scene. Our full review pretty much nails what is so good about this fighter.

Admittedly UFC 4 lacks away from that Career, but for a game that first arrived on Xbox less than a year ago, it’s great to see such a well worked addition to the Game Pass programme. 

And then there’s Tropico 6, something which is entirely diffferent, yet just as high in quality. 

Tropico 6 is the latest iteration of Kalypso Media’s world-building, tycoon-overseeing open-world. It puts you back in the shoes of El Presidente as the citizens of Tropico look to someone to help them work through political turmoil and social unrest. The question is, will you be able to steer the country to success and become known as the greatest leader in the history of the franchise?

Tropico 6 drops onto Xbox Game Pass on PC, on console and through the power of the Cloud, and it’s the latter of those which we think could well be the perfect fit for El Presidente’s latest adventure – picking it up for a few minutes at a time on your phone means this could well be perfect for the commute. 

In all, it’s a good day for players looking forward to finding a new experience through the power of Xbox Game Pass; a subscription service which has not just ripped up the rule book, but powered Microsoft and Xbox to all-new levels. If you wish to pick up UFC 4 or Tropico 6, get over to the Xbox Store right now.

With further games arriving soon – lookout for Bloodroots, Farming Simulator 19 and The Medium coming on 15th July – there’s possibly never been a better time to ensure that subscription is totally valid.  As always though, let us know which Game Pass titles you are playing. The comments section is below. 

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