The hump of the month is always a good time to be an Xbox gamer and this is never more true as we roll into the middle of September. Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China is free, and you should be going to pick it up right now.

Whilst it may not be a ‘proper’ Assassin’s Creed title, for free, Chronicles China should at least keep you sorted for an afternoon or two. With 2.5D gameplay and a unique art style, China will give you the chance to scout, sneak and hide as you traverse the rather delightful land. With its usual £7.99 price removed for the next four weeks or so, if you are an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, you should be heading off to the Xbox One Games Store sharpish and getting your download rolling.

You’d be silly to ignore it.

If you need to know more about the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for September, then we’ve take an in-depth look.

Game Description:

Exact Shao Jun’s vengeance on the Chinese Emperor in stunning 16th century China with fresh 2.5D stealth gameplay: • Witness an empire crumbles: Travel across China and its legendary landmarks. Stalk enemies from the roofs of the Forbidden City, hide in the shadows of the Great Wall, meet iconic historical figures and discover this Great Empire. • Immerse yourself in a unique art direction: Brought to life by fusing the essence of Chinese 16th century traditional brush strokes with more contemporary, impressionistic styles, Shao Jun’s adventure will keep you awed in an evocative and truly living painting. • Stealth in a new dimension: Assassin’s Creed Chronicles brings the thrill of being a master Assassin into 2.5D. Scout, sneak and hide to avoid detection. Fool enemies using whistles and disguises. Find your target, kill and escape. • Experience a fast & fluid “assault course”: As in all Assassin’s Creed experiences, freedom of movement is essential. Whether you’re running from danger, timely by-passing obstacles or stealthily climbing, you will feel that you really can do anything. • Shao Jun’s arsenal is in your hands: Should you fail to go undetected, you can always dispatch your enemies with style using Shao Jun’s empowering combat arsenal: close-combat martial arts, a powerful Kian Sword and her unique hidden Shoe blade. • Navigate multiple planes: Switch between fore, mid and background environmental layers and choose the right path accordingly to your need: opening up new pathways, accomplishing a side-mission, grabbing hidden collectibles, or taking the quickest path to your target.

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