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Xbox Games With Gold titles for March 2020 bring in Batman, Shantae and Sonic!

xbox games with gold march 2020

Once upon a time the Xbox Games With Gold scheme was the king of the Xbox scene. Delivering free games to Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers each and every month, there was nothing better. But then a newcomer arrived on the scene and after a slight struggle through its early years, the Xbox Game Pass now takes the crown in the eyes of many. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a place for free games and with the fully confirmed titles being given away via the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for March 2020, it proves once more that there is still just about enough life in the old dog yet.

With the arrival of March 2020 Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers will be granted access to four new free games once more. And they will drop in as follows…

With the likes of Star Wars and Fable owning the landscape for February, and then these new games arriving this coming month, even though the Games With Gold dream has waned massively in recent times, there should never be a moment when we are left complaining about free titles. And we won’t start here.

But with the news of more free games comes the fact that the current crop of freebies will soon be on their way out. If you haven’t yet picked up the OG Xbox experience of Star Wars Battlefront, have still to press the download button on Call of Cthulhu, or are still slacking on getting TT Isle of Man added to your Xbox One digital library then we advise you to do so at the very earliest opportunity. In fact, if you don’t do it sooner rather than later, the chance to grab those games for nothing will have passed you by.

The big question today though is this… has the Xbox Games With Gold scheme run its course or do these new freebies on Xbox One and Xbox 360 prove that it still holds a place in many Xbox gamers’ hearts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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