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This weeks Xbox Deals With Gold promotion is a bit of a mixed bag with no real standout bargains. Still, there may be something you’re interested in!

Last week the zombies were taking over, this week……well it seems that Microsoft have just chucked a load Bandai Namco Xbox 360 titles in a hat and drawn a few out.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon – Usually £14.99 now £5.09/$6.79
Armored Core: Verdict Day – Usually £29.99 now £10.19/$6.79
Beautiful Katamari – Usually £14.99 now £5.09/$6.79
Enslaved – Usually £11.99 now £4.07/$5.09
Power Rangers Super Samurai – Usually £24.99 now £12.49/$12.49
Soul Calibur II HD – Usually £15.99 now £7.99/$9.99
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – Usually £14.99 now £5.09/$6.79
Eternal Sonata – Usually $14.99 now $5.09
Tales of Vesperia -Usually $14.99 now $7.49

enslaved pic 1

There are also a couple of discounts for Xbox One owners. FIFA 14 has 40% off whilst Killer Instinct receives a 50% discount (or 12% if you don’t own the Combo Breaker pack).

Remember, as always the Deals With Gold prices are only available to those with an active Xbox Live Gold subscription and you may find a few variances from region to region (Sonata and Vesperia for instance don’t seem to be discounted in the UK).

Anything you fancy picking up?

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