Well that was one huge amount of gaming releases last week; you’d think that’d be all until Christmas! Don’t worry though they are still churning out games for both Xbox consoles to keep you all entertained.

Xbox 360

Ashes 2013 – 29/11/13


After a rather lengthy delay, Ashes 2013 has made it out to console just in time for the latest Ashes series in Oz. Cricket games are few and far between these days; this one may have been worth the wait as it now features 360 degree batting control and a whole new bowling experience. Can a brand new gaming engine plus 26 teams to use entice you to buy it?

Where Can I Buy It? Zavvi for £32.98


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Ben 10: Omniverse 2 – 29/11/13


Ben 10 finds himself on an adventure in a whole new story written by the writers of the Omniverse TV series. Race against the clock in single-player missions or team up with a friend as Rook in co-op mode. The speed has been cranked all the way up for brawling sequences and chases along with fast paced alien switching.

Where Can I Buy It? Zavvi for £28.99


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Young Justice: Legacy – 29/11/13


The newest DC Comics TV show has transferred to console in a brand new story based on the Young Justice universe, set between season one and two. Team up to take on the villainous minions known as The Light before they unleash a hellish monster. Take your pick from Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and more whilst defeating well known antagonists like Bane and Lex Luthor.

Where Can I Buy It? Amazon for £21.99

youngjustice screeny

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Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition – 29/11/13


Speaking of DC Comics, the big boys and girls are here in this fight between good and evil… but not all is as it seems when the lines are blurred, heroes are no longer easy to spot. A fighting game built around a set of well known characters, this edition includes all the downloadable ones too. In addition to that are a few new S.T.A.R. missions to have a bash at, so if you don’t already own it this is an all in one package.

Where Can I Buy It? Zavvi for £24.98


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Xbox One

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes – 29/11/13 – UK Release


LEGO gets itself involved in nearly every major franchise there is, hence it isn’t much of a shock to see them team up with Marvel. In one of their biggest rosters yet, you can be a whole host of super characters each with their own unique special abilities. LEGO world is fun on its own but add Deadpool, Spider-man and the human (ish) wrecking machine Hulk into the mix and it could be the best we’ve seen.

Where Can I Buy It? Amazon for £49.99 Includes Pre-Order Minifigure

lego marvel super heroes header


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