It doesn’t matter whether you’re one of those who marvel at the framerate, count every pixel or take graphic fidelity as seriously as the gameplay quality, or whether you’re just happy to jump along for the adventure and the story, because at the end of the day, a game is a game. Today though marks the arrival of another new addition, this time in the form of A Pixel Story.

Available to purchase right now for the price of £9.59, and play on Xbox One and PS4, A Pixel Story puts players in the shoes of a pixelated character on an adventure through a devious 2D puzzle platformer, one that charts the evolution of video games throughout each of the graphical generations.

Using the Teleportation Hat, you’ll get to explore six increasingly detailed zones in your quest to reach the core of The System and stop the Evil OS and save the world.

A Pixel Story is can be found over on the Xbox Store, although if you need a nudge in the right direction, it may be best to hold tight for our review – it’ll be along shortly.

Game Description:

In a world hidden deep inside your computer, an unlikely hero is about to appear. A tale of platforms and perils; of magical teleporting hats and sarcastic software; of thieving seagulls and maniacal operators. It’s no fairy tale… it’s a pixel story!Packed with challenging platforming, devious traps, clever puzzles and a laugh-out-loud story with its tongue firmly in its cheek, A Pixel Story is a journey through gaming history that’ll test your skill as much as it makes you smile. Save the system… save the world!


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