Welcome to another edition of In Stores This Week, featuring not one but two games for your playing needs this week. So what can you expect to find being released on Xbox 360 & Xbox One?


The LEGO Movie Videogame – 14/02/14 (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)


Based on The LEGO Movie now in the cinemas, you will take control of the most ordinary guy in the LEGO universe. His name is Emmet and somehow he becomes involved in an adventure of epic proportion in a bid to stop the main villain. Prepare for laughs aplenty, as this hopeless guy needs serious guidance if he’s to succeed.

Where Can I Buy It? Amazon for £29.99 (360) and Amazon for £37.99 (One) – both inc. Exclusive Emmet Mini Toy



Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – 14/02/14 (Xbox 360)

lightningreturns ff

Square Enix have made Lightning the focus in this newest Final Fantasy adventure, it seems they’ve attempted a few brave changes too. The battle system has been tweaked to offer more control of the action, whilst keeping some of the much loved elements. They have also worked on the world surrounding Lightning, which hopes to create unique experiences for all gamers.

Where Can I Buy It? Amazon for £37.00




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