Xbox One gamers will be stocking up on snacks this week with the arrival of arguably the biggest game release since launch. There’s also something out for Xbox 360 owners to dust off the old machine for.

Titanfall – 14th March – Xbox One


Set in the future during a struggle between factions you can fight for the rights of the people or the corporations as a Pilot or jump into a Titan to crush the opposition. This could be the game that kick starts the next generation of First Person Shooters, are you ready to climb aboard a wrecking machine in the form of a Titan?

Where Can I Buy It? Amazon for £42.00

titanfall pic 1

Dark Souls II – 14th March – Xbox 360


If action role-playing games are more what you are looking for then Dark Souls could be your cup of tea. Take control of a cursed undead character as you attempt to rid them of the curse whilst taking on new monsters in a large world. It boasts a much improved multiplayer system featuring competitive and co-operative gameplay. Be prepared for a real challenge.

Where Can I Buy It? Amazon for £35.00

Dark_Souls_II screen


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