It’s that time of the week where we look ahead to see what new delights will be available for purchase on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Sniper Elite 3 – 27th June 2014 – Xbox One & Xbox 360

Sniper Elite 3 pack

Sniper Elite returns for its third outing and this time brings with it even larger environments to allow the choice of how to complete the missions by having the freedom to execute your own plans. Travel to the exotic land of North Africa as American OSS agent Karl Fairburne to assist your allies with those sharpshooter skills of yours. Prepare to pick off a much smarter bunch of Afrika Korps AI and admire your handiwork in greater detail via the killcam.

Where Can I Buy It? Amazon for £40.85 (One) or £24.85 (360)

Sniper Elite 3 pic

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark – 27th June 2014 – Xbox One & Xbox 360

transformers rotds

A third person action adventure from Activision, Rise of the Dark Spark will give players over 40 characters to choose from as they battle to secure the Dark Spark. Aiming to bridge the gap between Cybertron and Earth as well as serving as a follow up to the upcoming Transformers film, Xbox One and 360 gamers will be able to switch between the Autobots and the Decepticons throughout the campaign as they take on some fast paced running and gunning gameplay. For those who’ve played previous incarnations there’s also room to include the popular Escalation mode once more.

Where Can I Buy It? ShopTo for £42.85 (One) or £34.85 (360)




GRID: Autosport – 27th June 2014 – Xbox 360

GRID  Autosport pack

Grid is back on Xbox 360 with a bang. GRID: Autosport will bring you 22 tracks with over 100 different variations, full day and night race modes, and an unrivalled online multiplayer with a fully incorporated RaceNet system. Throw in an absolute shed load of cars split over five widely different disciplines and you’ll see just why Autosport will rekindle your Grid love once again.

Where Can I Buy It? Amazon for £34.85

grid online pic 1



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