This week there’s the arrival of a racing game that had to overcome a few setbacks and another title which gets the game of the year treatment.

Shadow of Mordor: Game of the Year Edition –8th May – Xbox One


For those whom are yet to venture into this open world action game set in Mordor, this seems to be the ideal edition to pick up this award winner. Not only do you get the standard Shadow of Mordor game but also additional story packs that are a part of already released DLC – “The Lord of The Hunt” and “The Bright Lord”. To top it all off, all the rest of the downloadable content is present such as Skins, Challenge Modes, Runes and single Missions.


Project CARS – 8th May – Xbox One


As far as authentic and beautiful racing simulation games go, Project CARS has potential to be the pinnacle. It offers a Career mode that will take you from your first contract all the way to earning a spot in the Hall of Fame. As with all racing games you also need a great range of vehicles to race on the sixty plus unique tracks and the inclusion of supercars, US muscle cars and karts surely highlights a wide range to choose from.

Where can I buy it? Amazon for £39.85




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