The games are flowing thick and fast with another few new Xbox releases hitting stores near you in the coming week.

And these are a few that you should must definitely be looking to check out….

Alien Isolation – 7th October – Xbox One & Xbox 360

SEGA’s first person survival horror looks to be going back to the Alien roots founded in the original 1979 film .Prepare to be afraid….very afraid as Alien Isolation released on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Will this finally be the Alien game that does the film justice? We’ll have a full review up for you very shortly.

Where should I buy it? Amazon for £45.00 (Xbox One) or £32.00 (Xbox 360)

alien isolation character header

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition – 10th October – Xbox One

Undercover, the rules are different and this is no more true than of the rules found in Sleeping Dogs. Originally released on the Xbox 360 back in 2012, if you missed it the first time, you’ll want to grab the Definitive Edition. With all 24 DLC pieces from the 360 included, as well as some superb visual and audio upgrades, it may just be time to revisit Hong Kong.

Where should I buy it? Amazon for £37.85.

sleeping dogs def ed pic 1

NBA 2K15 – Xbox One & Xbox 360 – 10th October

NBA 2K15, the latest instalment of the NBA franchise is the ultimate basketball simulation with the cover star, Kevin Durant hinting at what is to come!

nba 2k15 pic 1

Where Should I Buy It? Amazon for £44.00 (Xbox One) and £36.00 (Xbox 360)

Project Spark – Xbox One – 10th October

Project Spark is finally out of its six month beta period and promises to let you create, play, inspire and cooperative like never before. With a blank canvas, what will you make?

spark header

Where Should I Buy It? Amazon for £27.85

Skylanders Trap Team – Xbox One and Xbox 360 – 10th October

It’s time to visit the world of the Skylanders once more as the game is brought to life by the addition of real-life traps! Trap the villains and then play as them in the game as the Skylanders twist goes physical!

Skylanders Trap Team_Chopper 2

Where Should I Buy It? Amazon for £52.99 (Xbox One) and £49.00 (Xbox 360)



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