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I hope you have your calendars set to ‘renew monthly’, as it’s that time again – time to get access to some more free Xbox games.

All Xbox gamers (no matter whether they are on Xbox One, Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S) know that the middle of the month means free games for those with Xbox Gold subscriptions. And guess what? It’s the middle of the month!

As we revealed a few weeks ago, August’s Xbox Games with Gold included the excellent Saints Row 2, ahead of the reboot of the series later this month. We were also treated to the cat cafe simulator Calico, if you prefer your games with less guns and strippers, and more coffee and kittens.

As of right now, I am afraid Saints Row 2 is no longer free to pick up on Xbox, however it’s not all doom and gloom, as Calico is still free until the end of the month, and we have two new games to enjoy for free!

The first of these titles, available from now until a month’s time, is 2020’s Scourgebringer – a pixelated roguelite that released when pixelated roguelites were truly all the rage. It’s a joy to report that Scourgebringer isn’t just another one to heap into this genre, as its rapid, fluid combat is what sets it apart from the rest, with you chaining together melee attacks and ranged combat to dispose of what can seem like an endless supply of foes. We gave it a 4/5 in our full review, citing its wealth of replayability to be a real selling factor.

Until the end of the month, Gold members can also download Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine for free. Whilst almost a decade old now, veteran Xbox gamers may remember this one to have some of the best co-op fun on the Xbox 360, and that’s really saying something. Monaco is a class-based heist title, where the emphasis is less on combat, and more on out and out stealth. Whilst you can decide to loot as a solo player, the real strategy comes when you sit down with three of your mates, and synergise your unique abilities together to pull off the perfect crime.

So, that’s the run-down for the mid-month switch-up for Games with Gold. In short, we say goodbye to the Saints, and now have the opportunity to look after some cats, adventure through some dungeons, or make a living as a bank robber. Not a bad set of options, eh?

As always, we are keen to hear from you. Let us know what titles you will be picking up for free for the remainder of this month – the forum to do so is down in the comments below, or on our social channels.

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