Retro gaming is one of the most in-demand aspects of the gaming world at the moment. As more players discover the hidden gems of generations past, it’s no surprise that PCs and Raspberry Pi consoles have increased in popularity. Even with the relative success of these devices, the Xbox Series X looks as though it could have the potential to blow them all out of the water. 

It has power on a par with a number of different gaming PC rigs and it simply destroys what a Raspberry Pi can offer. The Series X really does offer everything. In fact, it’s not just retro games that are available with it. It also offers the opportunity to enjoy browser-based games, further increasing what’s available. It means that players can enjoy everything from online casino games to idle games through the Xbox browser. 

What is it that makes the Series X stand out from everything else on the market when it comes to retro gaming? We’ve taken a deep look to find out.

Backwards compatibility

The Xbox One was a serious piece of kit when it came to backwards compatibility. It allowed for three generations of Xbox to be enjoyed by players. The Series X has taken this up a notch. It will allow for four generations of Xbox games to be played. This means that titles across the entire lifespan of every Xbox console will be able to be played right out of the box. 

This puts it well above every other next-generation console on the market and above the PC. Even PCs need some work before you can play older generation PC games. What really bumps the Series X up a level is that it also improves the visuals on a range of games. As TV technology wasn’t widely available in high definition when a lot of the original Xbox games were released, it means there was a lot of wasted potential. The Series X is able to upscale these games without any loss of frame rate. 

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So when you’re playing your classic games on your Series X, they will be the best-looking version of that game possible. You’ll be able to breathe new life into classic games that you thought were gone forever.

One instant positive of this scale of backwards compatibility is that it increases the number of games available. You can keep your old library of titles and play them right off the bat. Not only that, but you can also get hold of cheaper old games through the second-hand market. The Series X is genuinely the most impressive option on the market for players who love classic Xbox games.

True retro gaming options

What the Xbox does on top of allowing access to the classic Xbox library is make it possible to go even further back. It’s not just across the Xbox that the Series X allows players to enjoy. The Series X gives players the ability to install a number of different emulators. We’re not going to give you instructions on how to do that. If you want to know how to do it, then you’ll have to research that for yourself. 

What’s so impressive about the Series X’s emulation options is that it conceivably goes all of the way up to the PS2. In an ironic twist, the Series X allows you access to more classic PlayStation games than the PS5 does. 

It isn’t just more modern titles that the emulators offer, though. Players can get access to titles all of the way back to the start of the gaming revolution. If you want to revisit past gaming generations and play classic Mega Drive games or Atari games, then you can. No matter what you want to try, the Series X offers the opportunity to do this. 

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For players who love to enjoy classic gaming, the Series X is the perfect console. 

Controller perfection

This is another aspect that the Series X really steps up to the plate for. The controller on the Series X is without a doubt the best on the market at the moment. It’s comfortable to hold and has enough button combinations to work across a range of classic consoles. Even the notoriously strange shape of the N64 controller can be mapped to work well on the Series X. 

The quality of the controller is something that adds to the overall experience of retro gaming on the Series X. 

Game Pass taking it to the next level

Even though everything else already mentioned makes the Series X a powerhouse, the Game Pass is where things are really taken up a notch. It gives players access to a huge selection of old and new games for a relatively small price each month. The ability to bump up the available games for very little outlay is huge with the Series X. It doesn’t end there either. It’s been confirmed that EA Pass will also be included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. So this adds even more titles to the available games. 

If you’re a fan of being able to play a huge number of games without having to spend the price of the console again, then the Series X is the one for you. The overall game choice covers everything from retro titles to modern AAA titles. It goes without saying that the Series X destroys the competition when it comes to what’s on offer.

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The only choice

Whether you only want to play modern titles or you want to be able to take a look at what came before, the Series X offers the best way to do so. The overall potential of the device means that it could be the outright winner in the console wars this time. While the PS5 does have some undoubtedly impressive exclusives, the Series X leads the way in terms of overall offerings. For retro players, it isn’t even worth having a discussion — the Series X is the only choice.