It’s a good day for developers NerdRage Studios as their funding campaign for Xenosis: Alien Infection has been successful. So prepare yourself for infection in 2019!

Xenosis: Alien Infection is a top-down sci-fi adventure and survival game, with a focus on being a story-driven single player offering inspired by films and games like Aliens, Dead Space, Event Horizon and Alien Breed.  As a deep space salvage hunter, you discover the remains of a seemingly abandoned interstellar Starship, the Carpathian. It was originally built to terraform mineral rich planets, until it vanished over 50 years ago. Something isn’t right though, with life support systems down and traces of an unidentified toxin present. Still, there’s a job to be done and you must retrieve the valuable date core, before whatever happened to the crew of the Carpathian happens to you.

Using a mixture of retro 2D pixel art and 3D modern lighting, as well as positional audio, it aims to create a truly immersive experience as you explore multiple hand-crafted decks, each containing areas to investigate and secrets to uncover. Whilst stealth is a valid way to survive the deadly inhabitants and bypass obstacles on the ship, by making use of the shadows and disabling lights, there are times when combat could be useful too. Whether you’re wielding a melee weapon or sniping from afar though, tactics are vital in outsmarting the enemy. Crafting will help too, with loads of schematics to find which can enable you to upgrade weapons, create turrets to deploy and even build bots for assistance.

Xenosis: Alien Infection is currently in development with the aim of launching in Q3 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac and Linux. There’s still time to get involved with the crowdfunding campaign which continues until June 21, 2018 over at Fig – HERE – to earn yourself some rewards for backing it!

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