For Honor Pirate Hero Xbox

For Honor may be approaching its 5th anniversary but it isnt showing signs of aging just yet. We started with Knights, Vikings and Samurais. And today we are getting pirates. A new hero has appeared on the horizon. Set sail! The For Honor Pirate Hero is available as a new playable character now.

The first of the Outlanders group, the Pirate is ready to go straight into the multiplayer action. The Outlanders are the new playable faction in For Honor but unlike others, they are not tied down by links or historical accuracy unlike the others. They answer only to those who pay well.

The Pirate is a Hybrid character, meaning they offer most of what the other types can without specialising in any of them. What may come as the biggest change is the new weapon they bring to the fight. Available only to them is the pistol. That’s right someone is bringing a gun to a knife fight. Does it have the power to fundamentally change For Honor? Only time will tell.

As well as a new hero, the DLC also has a few other goodies for you:

  • 1 Exclusive Ornament
  • 1 Elite Outfit
  • 7-Day Champion Status (Extra XP, Extra Loot, and More)
  • 3 Scavenger Crates with Random Gear

Those Scavenger crates can help bolster your other heroes. Let’s hope the RNG is in your favour there.

The For Honor Pirate Hero DLC is yours to own now priced at £6.39 on the Xbox Store. Don’t forget it comes with all the above stuff as well. And, for what it’s worth, For Honor is currently on sale for £3.74; less than a tenner for all the above. It remains in Xbox Game Pass however for those signed up to the subscription service.

Who would you like to see next in the Outlanders? Let us know in the comments below.

Game description

The first of the Outlanders group has arrived, the Pirate hero! Bold and passionate, captain of their own ship, the Pirate hero is coming this season with their crew to Heathmoor seeking lost treasures and relics. Well known in the piracy, the Pirate is coming with a new weapon mastered only by her – the pistol.

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