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After spending three years in Early Access on PC, open-world adventure Windscape has finally completed its journey of becoming a fully fledged title on the aforementioned platform as well as Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Are you ready for an experience inspired by the likes of The Legend of Zelda, Secret of Mana, and Golden Axe Warrior?

Windscape from Headup Games is a first-person exploration adventure set in a lovely, handcrafted world that’s made up of floating islands in the sky. It combines the spirit of those classics that inspired it with modern elements surrounding the crafting, exploration and survival aspects, ensuring a fresh blend of genres is the end-result.

The story sees a young girl, Ida, who’s leaving the safety of her parents’ home for the first time and travels across four unique islands. You’ll get to meet peaceful NPCs in each island’s overworld, whilst vicious monsters lurk in the murky dungeons and lairs you uncover along the way. Traversing the islands works in a rather non-linear manner, but the dungeons are actually more puzzling and combat driven. Being tactical and learning the enemies’ attack patterns will be crucial to overcome the larger foes such as ghosts, ogres and dragons. Your triumph over these will be rewarded well though as there are many valuable items for you to loot.

Those of you wishing to embark on the Windscape journey can do so right now on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. It’s currently priced at £16.74 on the Xbox Store, however should you get in early after launch – like within 7 days – will be able to grab a little discount on that. If you’re on another platform, please check your respective digital store. And should you purchase it, be sure to let us know what you think of it!

Game Description:

Embark on a journey across fantastical sky islands and discover their secrets. ‘Windscape’ is a first-person exploration action-adventure full of exciting challenges. Its unique art style is reflected in expansive worlds and their bizarre inhabitants. On your journey you will find dark caves, ancient ruins and mysterious woods. By exploring the beautiful game world, mining resources and fighting epic monsters you collect numerous materials that can be used to craft items, weapons and armor. You will travel across four unique islands as Ida, a young girl leaving the safety of her parents’ home for the first time. Find out about the secrets of the islands and make your way through challenging puzzles and thrilling boss encounters. Prepare for your enemies by changing your weapons: Use the magic of fire and ice, the brute force of a powerful mace or one of the many other weapons to overcome every tough situation. Should you need some healing or additional resistance against certain kinds of damage you can prepare stews and potions beforehand to always keep the upper hand. Now it is time to start your adventure…

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