Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition revolves around one simple premise, SLAUGHTER THE ZOMBIES!

Originally out on PC and then arriving on Xbox 360 a couple of years ago as Zombie Driver HD, the Ultimate Edition contains everything you would have found in the original game, plus every single bit of downloadable content ever created for the game.

It’s packed to the rafters with content , so even if you’re one of those who picked the game up first time round on 360, there’s still a reason to experience zombie ramming on Xbox One.

Isn’t there?

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Well yes there is, especially if you’ve never checked the game out before.

Set in a city besieged by zombies, you’ll find yourself taking to the streets in a variety of vehicles in an attempt to save civilians, complete objectives and wipe out the zombie threat. You see the action solely from a top down perspective and Zombie Drive Ultimate Edition will immediately throw you back to yesteryear and remind you of the original GTA games….just this time with streets full to the brim with the undead.

And when I say full to the brim, I’m not joking. The city is of a fairly decent size but there’s absolutely no letup from the masses with every turn, every road and every cul-de-sac primed with zombies ready to pounce. Your only weapon is the vehicle you are in and so take things a little easy and you’ll soon find the damage caused by the undead a little too much to endure.

Whilst ramming your way through the onslaught is one way of going about things, that strategy will only get you so far. Thankfully you’ll be able to kit your vehicle out with all manner fo gadgetry from guns to flamethrowers and rockets, all with the intention of dealing out a fair whack of damage. These weapons (and indeed your vehicles themselves) can be upgraded to better effect just as long as you rake the cash in.

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And that can be done in a variety of ways. Firstly, throughout the story mode you’ll be given main objectives with a secondary mission or two thrown in alongside. Whilst most missions consist of driving to Point A, clearing out the zombies, driving to Point B, clearing out more zombies and then making your way back to base (whilst clearing out even more zombies) to earn your rewards, you will also find cash pickups dotted around the city streets. Exploration to a degree is your friend and most definitely the best way to get those cars upgraded quickly. With 31 levels to the story, it will take you a good few hours to rattle your way through it, although with so many to run through, my main bugbear with the game is that it quickly becomes monotonous and samey. Once you’ve completed one mission, you’ve completed them all and unless you’re going all out to pick up some achievements, the actual story doesn’t compel you to continue your fight.

Thankfully there are two other modes alongside the main story.

Slaughter sounds like it could be good fun and that turns out to be the case. You pick your vehicle and fly around a small city arena for as long as you can in order to win cash and medals. The zombies are there to attack at will but the numerous pickups found on the streets will help you with any destruction or slaughtering you wish to dish out. The zombie waves start off slowly but soon build up to a level that sees frantic driving, frantic shooting and frantic ramming common place. Things can get very hectic very fast, but whether you find yourself going back to better your score, smash a friends score or just take it in for a 10 minute time-killer, Slaughter mode will give you a good time and get you away form the monotony of the story mode.



The third game mode on offer is that of Blood Race and this aims to bring a bit less killing and a bit more speed to the game. On the whole, the driving in game is pretty decent with a good level of car control and racing around numerous tracks in either race, endurance or eliminator events whilst attempting to destroy the other AI vehicles sounds like something made in heaven, but Blood Race is another example of how Zombie Driver is good in small hits; give it any longer than 20 minutes or so though and you’ll start struggling with the slightly tiresome tracks and easy to beat AI.

It’s a shame that other than a leaderboard for every single story mission, Slaughter arena or Blood Race there is no form of multiplayer included as we’d have loved to go through the different modes with a friend……co-op style. That said, for the price Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition is a half decent purchase that is let down only by repetitive action followed by repetitive action.

If you haven’t played the game on other formats, you may as well pick it up. Just be aware that once you’ve played the first few missions, you probably won’t find a great deal to keep you going back.

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