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77Bet New Brand Ambassador, Harry Maguire


77Bet has just announced their newest brand ambassador: none other than Manchester United and England star, Harry Maguire. This news is sure to excite many of the sports betting company’s fans around the world, who will no doubt be looking forward to what this new collaboration brings!

Harry Maguire is one of football’s top talents, with total success on the pitch and off; making him a household name in both England and Europe. As captain of Manchester United Football Club, one of the biggest teams in world football, he is an inspiring figure for millions of fans across the globe.

This recent partnership with 77Bet shows that Harry Maguire is more than just a successful footballer – he also understands the importance of business partnerships. With his help, 77Bet aims to become even more successful as they continue to expand into different markets around the world.

Who is Harry Maguire?

Harry Maguire is a professional football player from England. He made his Premier League debut playing for Hull City before joining Leicester City; and later signing for Manchester United in 2019, displaying leadership capabilities when he served as captain for the clubs. In 2019, he was named one of UEFA’s top 100 living players. His dedication to winning on the field has made him a brand ambassador for Singapore online casinos.

In addition to being a talented athlete, Harry Maguire is also known for his charitable efforts off the field. He regularly donates time and money to support children’s charities and other causes close to his heart. By partnering with 77Bet, Harry is able to extend his reach even further and use his platform to promote responsible gambling habits at trusted online casinos in Singapore – while inspiring others through sportsmanship and charity work alike.

Harry Maguire: 77bet’s Newest Global Brand Ambassador Unveiled

77Bet, the leading online casino in Singapore, is proud to announce Harry Maguire as their newest global brand ambassador. The Manchester United and England star joins 77Bet’s team of renowned ambassadors, who have come together to promote responsible gambling habits among players at live casinos in Singapore.

“Harry Maguire’s leadership and guard-like capabilities in defending his goal and team perfectly symbolise 77Bet’s undying commitment towards protecting our customers’ privacy and data.”

Harry’s commitment to excellence on and off the pitch makes him a natural fit for 77Bet’s values. He has achieved incredible success both domestically and internationally throughout his career, while also inspiring others through his charitable contributions. As part of his new role with 77Bet, he will be working to encourage those playing at live casinos in Singapore to do so responsibly – all while having fun!

By partnering with such an esteemed public figure as Harry Maguire, 77Bet is able to further cement its position as one of the most trusted names amongst players looking for a safe and secure experience when it comes to gaming at live casinos in Singapore.

A Symbol For Asia’s Most Reliable And Secure Online Gambling Site

Harry Maguire is the perfect symbol of 77Bet’s commitment to providing a safe and secure gambling experience for all players. His impressive accomplishments in football, as well as his charitable contributions, demonstrate that he shares the same values as 77Bet – reliable gaming, responsible behaviour, and having fun while playing. By being associated with such an esteemed figure within Asian sports culture, it helps ensure that players can trust their money when they play at one of 77Bet’s live casinos.

In addition to Harry’s role advocating for responsible gambling habits among players in Singapore, he will also be representing the company on social media platforms and other marketing strategies. Through this partnership, both parties hope to reach out to more people across Asia who are looking for a reputable online casino platform. With this new collaboration between two giants in their respective fields, it looks like gamers will have even more reasons to trust 77Bet and enjoy top-notch entertainment from its suite of high quality games!

Enjoy The Brand-New Ambassador Grand Launch And All The Luxury Casino Promotions It Has To Offer!

As the newest brand ambassador of 77Bet, Harry Maguire is ready to make an impact and bring his experience in sports to a wider audience. He’s kicking off this collaboration with the grand launch of Ambassador Grand Launch – bringing plenty of luxury casino promotions for players across Asia. From bonus offers to exclusive VIP rewards and more, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to benefit from this new partnership.

Harry Maguire Special 200% Welcome Bonus up to SDG831

1st deposit – 50% bonus up to $177, 15x turnover

2nd deposit – 70% bonus up to $277, 18x turnover

3rd deposit – 80% bonus up to $377, 20x turnover 

Enjoy Your Betting Online Journey With Harry Maguire Today!

Take your betting experience to the next level with our brand-new ambassador, Harry Maguire! With his expertise in sports and dedication to responsible gaming, he’s sure to bring a unique perspective and energy to 77Bet. Now you can enjoy gambling online like never before – from bonus offers to exclusive VIP rewards and more, there are plenty of ways for everyone to benefit from this exciting new partnership.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready for an unforgettable journey with Harry Maguire and start enjoying all the great promotions that come along with it today! Keep an eye out on our social media platforms as well—we have lots of interesting campaigns featuring both him and other influencers who share similar values when it comes to safe gaming practices. We look forward to seeing how much fun you’ll have while exploring the world of 77Bet!


Harry Maguire is the perfect choice to be 77Bet’s new global brand ambassador. He embodies all of the values that 77Bet stands for – trust, security, and reliability. As a professional footballer, he has achieved success in his career, and now he will bring this same level of excellence as part of the 77Bet team.

The grand launch event was an excellent platform to introduce Harry Maguire as the newest face of 77Bet. It showcased all the amazing promotions offered by the site and allowed customers to enjoy their betting journey with Harry at the helm. With such a great start, we can expect much more from 77Bet and Harry Maguire going forward!

77Bet continues to strive to provide its customers with a safe online gambling experience, which is why they chose Harry Maguire as their latest brand ambassador. His dedication to his craft resonates perfectly with what 77Bet stands for: trustworthiness, reliability, and secure gaming experiences. We look forward to seeing what else this partnership will bring us in the future!

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