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TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 87: Nintendo and E3 2021 Round-up Special

After all the excitement, the dust may have settled, but it’s definitely not over until TheXboxHub team shares their thoughts on the latter stages of E3 2021. We’ve got Gareth, James, Darren and Richard wading through the best and worst of four more showcases. Expect TheXboxHub Official Podcast Episode 87 to cover what Nintendo, Square Enix, Capcom and even Bandai Namco, were showing off. Be sure to have a listen and join us while we talk about lots of games!

Where Does E3 Go From Here?

E3 has always been a real highlight. Traditionally, it’s a time where all the big names roll out their most anticipated releases, as well as plenty of surprises to keep fans happy. Despite my pro-E3 stance it would be remiss of me to not recognise that it is struggling to live up to its reputation, and the expectation from gamers around the world.

7 Great Demos from the [email protected] Summer Game Fest

Happy Post-E3! Xbox had so many big, exciting announcements that it’s easy to forget that the [email protected] Summer Game Fest started as well. There are currently a whopping 40 different indie game demos to download and give a try until the 21st of June. If that doesn’t sound like enough time for you to parse the enormous collection and find the real winners, then worry not! I’ve done that for you, and these are seven of the most interesting demos for upcoming indies that you can download right now from the Xbox Store.

What were the best bits of the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase at E3 2021?

During a decidedly light E3 2021, Xbox and Bethesda came through swinging, bringing their best E3 presentation for years. It seems Xbox’s strategy is finally paying off as Xbox has proved that there has never been a better time to invest in their ecosystem.

Don’t just ride, tinker – RiMS Racing takes things to the nth degee

Very soon another bike-fuelled adrenaline rush will be hitting console and PC with the launch of RiMS Racing. And it’s looking like Milestone are going to have a fight on their hands to stay at the top of the bike game.

Latest Accessories

Gioteck TX70 Headset Review – Can you use a PlayStation headset on Xbox?

Gioteck are well known in the gaming industry, mostly for relatively cheap, pretty cheerful gaming accessories. They’ve got the TX50 headset, but they’ve also got the slightly more expensive TX70 headset to go alongside that one. The problem is, it’s branded for PS4 and PC. Does that mean we can’t use it with our beloved Xbox console?

Gioteck AC2 Ammo Clip Charging Dock for Xbox Review

For a penny shy of £20, anyone in the market for a new Xbox Series X|S charging dock should well consider the Gioteck AC2 Ammo Clip. It’s more than capable of keeping you gaming into the wee hours. And it’s helped by the fact that it’s got the best name of any charging dock too…

Turtle Beach announce new Xbox Recon controller and VelocityOne Flight simulation control system

Turtle beach are well known for their gaming headsets, so much so that they are right up there as one of the leaders in the market. Now though they are breaking out into new territories with a new Xbox Recon Controller and the VelocityOne Flight simulation control system - just in time for the arrival of Microsoft Flight Simulator onto Xbox Series X|S.

Turtle Beach Recon 500 Headset Review

Aside from the cheap-looking headband, the Turtle Beach Recon 500 headset does exactly what you need of a gaming headset. With a nice price tag in tow, if you’re happy to run a wired route, or are looking for something that can be utilised across formats and platforms, it’s certainly worth considering.

RIG 500 PRO HX Gen-2 Headset for Xbox Review

The RIG brand itself was picked up by NACON, a company who are fast making waves in the gaming scene by taking on a range of games and ideas. It is with them that the RIG 500 PRO HX has been slightly reworked, remodelled, and redesigned. It’s all the better for it.

Latest DLC

Free next-gen upgrades and Complete Edition arrive for Metro Exodus on Xbox Series X|S and PS5

The Metro series of games has gathered up a huge following over the years, with the likes of Metro 2033, Metro Last Light and the combined Metro REDUX just the forebearers to the magic of Metro Exodus. Today though the Deep Silver and 4A Games teams are going big, throwing out a free next-gen upgrade for Exodus on Xbox Series X|S and PS5, with a physical Complete Edition covering what is required for many more.

Shoot your way around the globe with the latest Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 content

It hasn't taken CI Games long to get settled in their station and after launch of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, a huge array of downloadable content has already hit the game. But there's more and now we get the chance to shoot our way around the globe with three additional skin packs.

Hit the campaign trail with Stellaris: Console Edition’s Federations expansion

Over the years the Stellaris universe has expanded massively. There's been the likes of the Plantoids Species, the Utopia expansion, that of the MegaCorp and more. Now though it's time to hit the campaign trailer as the Federations take hold.

Take on the New Gods in style with the Neon Abyss Alter Ego Pack

Ever since Team17 and Veewo Games came together to push out the brilliantly frantic roguelike action-platformer of Neon Abyss, players have had the opportunity to run, gun and spin their way to glory through the Abyss, taking down all before them and ultimately defeating the New Gods. That premise doesn't change with the addition of the new Alter Ego Pack, but you can be sure you'll continue to have fun doing so thanks to what it brings.

Feel the speed with the RIDE 4 Power Naked DLC

Milestone Studios continue to treat us gamers in the very best of ways. After filling out the RIDE 4 bike roster with all manner of free and paid bikes and tracks, you could forgive them for taking a few weeks off to enjoy the madness of E3. But no, and once again it's RIDE 4 players who are benefiting from the kindness of the Italian dev team as the Power Naked pack drops into game, delivering riders the opportunity to really feel the speed a bunch of new machines and events can allow.