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Looking Back to 2005 and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory – Third...

When writing this piece, the urge to play through Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory once again has been impossible to ignore. It didn’t simply just possess all the components needed for a great game, but combined them in such a way that made it totally irresistible to play.

Best Novels Based on Games – What Better Time Than Now?

With the world on lockdown, with increasingly stringent restrictions in place on our daily lives, video games may seem to be a strange answer to the world's problems, but there's no doubt that they will play a role. But at the risk of sounding like an old man, there's only so long in a day that I spend staring at a screen, at the risk of developing square eyes, as my mother used to say. Now, I am, and have always been as long as I can remember, a very keen reader. If only there was a way to combine my love of reading with my love of video games, and somehow shoehorn my love of writing into an article. What's that? There are novels based on popular gaming franchises? Hold my coat, I'm going in!

Looking Back to 2000 and Soldier of Fortune – the Chuck...

If you were fortunate enough to grow up in the 80s and 90s, then blockbuster action movies were almost like a religious process. I, for one, spent an exorbitant amount of time watching legendary flicks like Die Hard and Predator again and again. And more often than not, at least one such movie would air on the TV during weekends. Released back in 2000, Soldier of Fortune effectively emulated action movies in video game form.

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Xbox Adaptive Controller and Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit Review

When Microsoft came to market with the Xbox Adaptive Controller back in 2018, they immediately opened up the entire gaming landscape to a whole new player. What was once thought of as a controller-only exercise, those with limited movement, mobility or other restrictions could now make the most of the Adaptive Controller's magic to keep gaming forever more. And with the Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit, the accessibility options have opened up once more.

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