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5 Things to Know Before You Step into Haven

Haven is a jumble of various games: Journey, Toejam and Earl, Zelda and Jet Set Radio are all in there to varying degrees. As a result, it can feel overwhelming, as there are a variety of different systems and influences at work. Get over the initial hump, which only lasts for the first few hours or so, and everything becomes natural. But you have to get there, which is where we come in. We’ve played Haven to 100% completion, and the hump is far in our rear-view mirror. There are some simple approaches that can make the Source a veritable breeze to play through, and they’re on offer here if you want to avoid frustrations. And don’t worry - we’ve jettisoned all spoilers.

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Xbox Series S Console Review – The second console for a...

Coming in alongside the behemoth that is Xbox Series X, is the smaller, more delicate, more petite Xbox Series S - a glorious looking, proper all-digital Xbox. And you know what, it’s pretty much the perfect console. For a second room. For now.

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