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Can be found scrambling around the rooftops of Gotham, dominating Mordor sitting on my binging Life Is Strange playthroughs. If you challenge me to take up arms in a competitive shooter, well enjoy your victory because I'll be no contest.

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Road Redemption Review

It’s fair to say video games struggle to pander to the biker fans. Apart from straight up racers, the feeling of being part of an outlaw biker gang has not been explored to its lofty potential. Road Redemption won’t please everyone, but its arcade feel on vehicular combat will put a smile on most faces. It’s just a shame that its infuriating progression makes you feel like you should pull over, rather than continue the chase.

Just Cause 4 Review

For years, Just Cause has set the bar in sandbox games. Delivering the sort of gaming freedom that most games struggle to emulate, Rico and co are soaring above most of the competition. Does this latest adventure reach new heights or does it crumble under the weight of its own ambition?

YouTubers Life – OMG Edition Review

There are three social constants in the world - politics, sport and celebrity YouTubers. Now unless you are particularly talented, or incredibly viral, it’s difficult to experience any of these first hand. From simulation developers, U-Play Online, YouTubers Life gives you a taste of a PewDiePie wannabe.

Scalextric Review

To be honest, trying to come up with a quip-filled opening gambit for this game is impossible. In an attempt to recreate the rage-fuelled memories of your infancy, Scalextric will leave you with a feeling of utter fury and frustration. A complete lack of quality or work in this game means this must go down as one of the worst racing games this year. No hang on, EVER!

Looking Back at 10 Years of… Call of Duty: World at War

It’s hard to remember a time when a Call of Duty game was being heralded as ‘fresh’. In fact, the barrage of titles has been welcomed with less fanfare than a Jedward concert! However, after the series’ resurgence in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Treyarch took players back to the horrors of World War II with 2008’s World at War.

The Shapeshifting Detective Review

Murder mysteries are the niche of the video game world. While we all fawn over the latest AAA titles, the slow burner of a whodunnit can be just as captivating. The Shapeshifting Detective throws you into one of the most bewitching FMV mysteries ever. Its sci-fi intricacies draw you into a more deliberate sense of immersion. Never knowing what the plot will drop on you next, The Shapeshifting Detective is one satisfying ride.

League of Evil Review

When League of Evil debuted on mobile devices back in 2011, it became one of the addictions of the year. Keeping you hooked through its four chapters of absolute platforming torture, its success and popularity has earned it a major console release. So, seven years on, can League of Evil captivate a new audience, or should it be vanquished?

A Look Back at 5 Years of… Batman: Arkham Origins

Origins may have been implemented to bridge the development gap between Arkham City and Arkham Knight, but it was more than that.

Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition Review

Have you ever wondered how to get your kid’s remote-controlled robot out of a building?  Well, Twin Robots transports you inside the mind of a child.

What Are Rocksteady Up To?

Before 2009 there were two absolute certainties, Rocksteady Studios were unknown and superhero video games were bad… like really bad.

VR: The Future Gaming Arcade

Am I jumping forward in time to visualise what kids will be doing whilst waiting to go bowling (that’ll probably be in VR too) or in the Detroit: Become Human style shopping centres?

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Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges Guide Series 21 – Autumn

Time waits for no man, as the saying goes, and so it proves as Autumn rolls into Mexico in Forza Horizon 5 and with the Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges. We've got some flamingos to catch!

Street Fighter 6 Review

A bursting-at-the-seams package full of things to discover, all while welcoming newcomers and pleasing veterans, Street Fighter 6 is most certainly a game of the year contender.

5 of the best fishing games on Xbox One

As I've played almost every fishing experience that you can find on the big black box, I thought I'd attempt to rank them, nailing a list consisting of 5 of the best fishing games on Xbox One, if you will.

PGA Tour 2K23 vs EA SPORTS PGA TOUR: Which is the hole-in-one and which is out of bounds?

Which is the best golf game on Xbox? Is it PGA Tour 2K23 or EA SPORTS PGA TOUR?

5 of the Best Racing Simulator Games on Xbox

Start your engines, and let's proceed out into an orderly parade lap as we list the best of the racing simulation games on the Xbox

Latest Reviews

Renfield – Film Review

Bored of vampire movies? Renfield is just the tonic. It shakes up the formula until it froths over with gore, action set pieces and delicious subversion. Plus you get Nicolas Cage as Dracula.

Trackmania Review

Trackmania feels a bit too restrictive for those simply wanting to enjoy even just the core experience.

Kao the Kangaroo: Bend The Roo’les Review

Kao the Kangaroo: Bend The Roo'les DLC is a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’.


DRIFTCE may be too demanding for some, but for others, the sheer challenge will spur them on. If you fancy yourself as a Touge master, you need to play DRIFTCE.

We Love Katamari REROLL + Royal Reverie Review

We Love Katamari REROLL + Royal Reverie doesn’t add much more that Katamari Damacy REROLL hadn’t already added, making it the second best of the experiences on the Xbox.