The gaming industry has taken over the world and proven to gain momentum every day amid the pandemic. However, before the virus wreaked havoc globally, online gaming Canada was not the primary function in the gaming industry.

Online gaming and online casinos increased in popularity after the pandemic played out. Traditional casinos had to protect individuals close to the virus across Canada, giving rise to online gambling evolution.

Today, investors have staked their money to the thriving and flushing online gaming industry. Canadians seem to enjoy the convenience of gaming online rather than the confinement of a traditional casino.

The pandemic has caused an increase in sign-ups at online casinos, causing havoc for the regulatory boards and industry as a whole. Experts have taken ethics and responsibility into consideration by revising marketing strategies. Xbox games’ sales have also risen over the past year. Which are some of the games that Canadians can play on Xbox?

We had a fruitful session with our expert gamer Kevin Cochran, who shared the Best Casino Games on Xbox Series. 

Four Kings Casino and Slots

It gives a great taste of an online casino with grandeur on Xbox. The user interface is the most exciting part of this game. Users can use it smoothly without undergoing any complex process. The Four Kings Casino and Slots is a thrill as it immerses people in a simulated casino experience.

The game allows everyone to create a personalized 3D avatar that represents them online. During the game, one gets rewarded with more lavish and noble clothing to design your look further. The breathtaking match offers more fun. In addition, the game has been localized to many languages ensuring foreigners living in Canada can get the piece of cake.

Casino Nights

Developed by G2 storm and launched in 2010, it comes with colored casino games available in the X box 360 series. The gaming atmosphere is realistic and similar to the software available at Canadian casino online platforms.

The game’s main objective is to acquire more trophies and enhance better skills like a pro-casino player. Although the game does not allow real cash, the luring game creates a casino ambiance while playing on mobile or PC. 

To many X box players, Casino Nights, is an avenue to enhance better gambling skills. However, others engage in it due to its simple interface, which offers a gaming opportunity that does not require money.

Pure Hold’Em

Playing big could mean winning big. This game has a special place for pro players who play poker in a functional casino. The game requires players to have proficient skills and determination in splitting across six different tables.

Pure Hold’Em is about playing a poker game at the convenience of your couch, away from the busy floor of the casino. Players engage an uptrend towards the esteemed Aces, master table, and later finish at the VIP penthouse. 

The game opens through earned credits and gives options for playing your blinds or stealing the pot to win the game. One may win big and get an opportunity to feature at a higher-level table if only Lady Luck supports you. The more ranking you achieve, the larger the stakes and the bigger the pot.

Prominence Poker

Players experience fun and incredible experiences when playing this game on an Xbox series. Being a new take on Texas Hold’Em, events occur at the fictional town of Prominence; an underworld city run by roughnecks and crooks.

Players risk everything to take over the underground empire from the Mayor. Unfortunately, the goons work hard to ensure players don’t have a chance to cash out. Participants play against evil characters, build their image, get a bankroll required to beat each boss.

Are casino games bad?

No. It all depends on the control level. According to a poll conducted in Ontario, one-third of the surveyed population have spent more money on online gambling during the pandemic. At the same time, some claimed to have developed a gambling addiction. This has raised the alarm among experts as gambling addiction leads to overspending, relationship issues, financial strains, and psychological distress. 

Casinos should avoid active advertising using ads, as they fix addicted gamblers in a challenging situation while in quarantine at home. However, emphasizing certain online games available at Xbox has helped many get off from gambling addiction. 

Numerous uptrends in technology have delivered online casinos to our doorstep. People can learn more about online gambling through X box and casino mini games. With continuously updated software, people get to have an authentic casino experience in the comfort of their homes.

The sulky mood has been rubbed off from their faces for the large population who can’t afford an X box as they can play free casino games through their phones and tablets.