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EPOS H6PRO Headset Review


I’ve had the pleasure of using a lot of gaming headsets. Some have been brilliant, offering up features aplenty, tons of comfort and an overall great listening experience. Others, not so much, bereft of ideas and the understanding of what gamers want. EPOS are certainly not of the brands which fit in the latter bracket, bringing to market some of our favourite headsets of the last few years. Now, with the H6PRO, they’ve done it again. 

I’m a big fan of EPOS headsets, ever since first having the pleasure of using their co-branded EPOS | Sennheiser GSP series. Since that time the two brands have gone their own separate ways, with EPOS staying in the gaming scene and pushing out the likes of the H3, both in standard and hybrid form.

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A similar tact has been taken here with the H6PRO, with EPOS taking the brilliant GSP 600 series as a base, and then refining things to their own tastes. And those tastes most certainly seem to fit around a sleeker, simpler look, with a very understated headset. 

If you had to push me here and now, if life and death was on the line and I had to choose one headset to spend the rest of gaming eternity with, it would be the stunning EPOS | Sennheiser GSP 602. I adore the look, the feel, the sounds that it delivers. It’s possibly my favourite gaming headset of all time. But you know what, if I could, I’d definitely look to smuggle the H6PRO in somehow too – it’s that good. 

EPOS are selling this with their ‘Crafted to Last, Designed to Excite’ company motto emblazoned all over the packaging. It’s with those words where the H6PRO excels.

Looking completely different to the old GSP series, this Sebring Black version that we’ve been hands on is glorious. Black and a dark blue in colour – and yeah, I’m not sure why when you consider the name either – it feels immediately premium in the hand. 

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With a tight leatheretted headband encasing a metal interior, this is a joy to stick on your head. There is enough padding in that band to ensure that you can wear this for hours on end, with enough sliding adjustment to make sure it fits any size head with ease. 

The blue and black combination seeps down to the earcups from there; oval designed that fit over the ear well. With the same pleather styled material, with velour outer cases, again comfort is right up there with the very best of them. 

From there, utter simplicity takes hold. There are exactly zero buttons on the H6PRO and instead any connection with the online world is delivered from an elongated boom mic that swings up and down whenever it is required, muting and placed neatly out of the way over the left cup. There’s only a teeny bit of flex in this mic too, but the length that EPOS have put in ensures that it’s pretty much always in a prime position for party and game chat.

What’s great though is that this mic is attached through a couple of magnets, so if you do decide you don’t need it attached, switching it out for a simple cover plate is easily actioned. Of course, with anything that can be removed, the issue of misplacement is always going to be at the back of the mind, but for the most part keeping the mic firmly attached will see you right. 

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The only other interaction with the H6PRO is that of the volume dial. Sitting on the outer surface of the right earcup, this takes a very similar approach to volume amendment as EPOS’ other products. It looks brilliant and once you get used to it, is easy to use. After months of using the old beefier GSP volume dial, I still can’t help but wish this one was a bit more tactile; it’s just a little bit delicate in use and I’ve constantly found myself missing optimization of the volume.

With a little bit of twist allowed to the earcups themselves, and then a detachable 3.5mm jack cable letting you use the H6PRO with any device that is compatible – Xbox controller, PlayStation controller, Nintendo Switch, mobile or PC – there’s absolutely nothing to jump up and down and swing from the rafters about in terms of the visual styling of the H6PRO. It’s sleek, stylish, simple and sells itself as a headset you’ll want to wear when you don’t need all the attention.

It sounds just as good to. With a company coming with the rich audio history that EPOS has, you’d expect nothing less than a stellar performance in terms of the sounds, and the H6PRO has that in abundance.

Available in both closed-back and open-back options – we’ve had the pleasure of the closed-backs – the audio coming in through the cans is simply crisp, massively clear and never muddled, no matter how far past 11 you decide to go with that volume dial. When gaming, audio precision is vital and I’ve found the H6PRO to be able to cope with any game with ease, really coming into its own in the racing scene and letting you get fully immersed in the likes of Far Cry 6’s, Yara. It’s just about as loud as you want it to be too – never overpowering but more than enough to keep you in the game.

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It’s also perfect for communication too, with party chat delivered without a single hitch. Teammates and colleagues have commented on how clear voice instructions are when using the H6PRO and even though you’ll need to amend game/chat balance through the Xbox audio settings depending on your needs, that’s hardly too much of an issue.

So what’s not to like about the H6PRO? Well, nothing really. Admittedly I understand that many gamers in this day and age prefer the freedom that a wireless headset brings, but honestly, in use, wired options are still the king. Yes a cable can very occasionally annoy, but if you’re getting frustrated by a simple cable from your headset to controller then there are probably other things you need to be sorting out in your life first. Personally, I adore the pick up and play nature that wired controllers allow – there is never a need to consider battery levels or pairing functionality. 

That really does mean I haven’t got a bad word to say about the EPOS H6PRO headset. If you’re in the market for a wired option, have the cash to splash and want some of the best comfort, stylings and audio you can get, you should be going out and buying the H6PRO immediately. It’s that good. 

Huge thanks go out to EPOS for sending us the H6PRO headset for unboxing and review. If you wish to grab the headset for yourself, get over to EPOS direct

EPOS H6PRO Headset – Unboxing, First Look, Review

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