One of the most anticipated of the big game releases in 2017 was that of Destiny 2. The first person shooter from Activision and Bungie came about due to massive demand from the huge group of hardcore players who enjoyed the original Destiny. But in order to compete at the highest level, gamers across the globe wouldn’t just be able to rock up with some skills, they’d also have to be equipped with the best kit – and that is where KontrolFreek’s Destiny 2 Ghost thumbsticks for Xbox One come in.

Designed in collaboration with Bungie, inspired by the now iconic Ghosts from the Destiny universe and created to ensure that Destiny 2 gamers – and those who like a bit of fast paced shooting action elsewhere – have the best chance of success, the Ghost thumbsticks certainly look the part.

The usual three pronged attack that KontrolFreek have utilised for many a year allows the add-ons to grip and pinch your Xbox One controller’s thumbsticks without a chance of slipping, and even though once attached they are well placed, it’s a simple process to remove them again whenever the time comes.

The black underbody of these mid-rise 8.6mm twin sticks complements the brilliant white of the top beautifully. KontrolFreek like to call this ‘cool grey’, but I’m going to have to disagree and go along the white route. You see, when combined with a white Xbox One controller – the Lunar White Special Edition or Xbox One X are two of our controllers of choice – then the sticks look absolutely stunning, blending in handsomely. The well etched Ghost icon adorns the top of the hybrid concaved and convexed system, allowing all fans of Destiny 2 to show off their loyalty in style.

Fairly hard to the touch – there is only a little bit of squish found in the tops of these sticks – those who prefer a softer feel to their gaming sessions may well be advised to look elsewhere. Similarly, if you’re a fan of the concave systems that many sticks come with, then again this Ghost edition may well disappoint. Upon first unboxing I was slightly concerned that the combination of concave and convex, with some parts of the stick rising whilst others dip, wouldn’t feel ‘sticky’ enough in real world use. Over the last few weeks of using these, my initial concerns have never become reality and like most KontrolFreek add-ons, they allow for suitable grip. But in the same breath they never really allow for much in the way of confidence when you are really needing to push them to the utter limits. They are good, but they are most definitely not in the same league as the brilliant Galaxy range of sticks.

The mid-rise height though is quite possibly the most comfortable for every day use, with an ease of reach that should suit those with small or large hands. They deliver a decent mix of improvements to your aim, accuracy, control and precision, and that in itself ensures that the Ghost sticks should at least be on your shopping list.

At the end of the day though, whether you get on with KontrolFreek’s Destiny 2 Ghost sticks will all depend on what you are looking for from an add-on. If you currently game with a concave system attached, then you’re going to quite possibly feel let down by the lack of confidence these bring, but on the other hand should you be new to the whole thumbsticks game, and are looking for something that allows you to express your love for Bungie’s finest, then they are more than worth a shot. If you own a white gamepad, then that should raise your enthusiasm levels for these – if only because they look absolutely brilliant when attached to a white controller.  

KontrolFreek have created a thumbstick add-on that will ensure Destiny 2 players will be happy in the knowledge that the fight can continue long into the night. However, I’m not sure the hybrid system they’ve attempted works as well within the Ghost Edition as it has with previous products.

By all means give them a shot though.

You can grab the KontrolFreek Destiny 2 Ghost thumbsticks for Xbox One direct from KontrolFreek themselves.

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