Mount & Blade: Warband was designed by the Turkish game development studio Taleworlds. It is an RPG/Action game that takes place in a medieval setting and gained popularity in recent years due to the new approach to the battle system, advanced multiplayer battles, and an ability to lead troops both on the tactical and strategic map.

This game was released both for PC and Xbox, however, the graphics for Xbox are much more advanced. So if you want to to try out Xbox localization of the game on your PC, you can download any existing Xbox emulators and launch the game on your PC.


The game series started from Mount & Blade in 2008 and made a revolution in the action games genre due to the advanced battle system which relied on skills of the players more than on characteristics of the character. Compared to other games, it wasn’t enough to spam hits to win the battle, and this is an approach that has been saved throughout the series.

There is a choice for a player – to participate in multiplayer battles or to play a single campaign.


In the multiplayer battles you choose a character before the battle (an archer, footman or a horseman) and buy items (a bow, spear, sword, axe, javelins and so forth), afterwards you get spawned with your team and your goal is to defeat all the enemy troops. There are several battle modes for multiplayer:

  • Capture the Flag – the goal of your team is to reach the flags and defend the position until your team rises the flag;
  • Battle – your goal is to defeat all the enemy troops;
  • Siege – if you defend the castle your team needs to protect checkpoints to avoid castle to be seized, and vice versa if you play for the attacking team;
  • Deathmatch – all the players on the map are your enemies, and you need to collect as much frags as you can;
  • Team Deathmatch – it is like a Battle mode, the only difference there are no rounds and the victory is gained by the team that has gained more flags.

Single Campaign

In a single campaign you can choose acharacter’s parameters and his legend. Once you proceed you appear in one of the capital towns of the five kingdoms of Calradia. There are tactical and strategic map. On the strategic map you can reach any point of Calradia with your troops, and tactical map is used specifically for battles.

You can hire troops in the cities and villages, you can also train them or promote them if they have gained enough experience in battles. During the game you need to communicate with lords and kings, you can become a mercenary or a vassal of a kingdom, you can become a lord of a castle, town or a village, or you can even become a king of an independent realm. There is no determined goal in the game and no story, so you can play as much as you want until you become the king of the united Calradia.