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Struggling to complete the Jimmy Lightning trials found in Peggle 2 on Xbox One? Maybe our video walkthroughs can help you out!

The Jimmy Lightning content arrived on Xbox One and Peggle 2 in the middle of June 2014 and with ten trials and an achievement sitting there for those who complete it, you’ll possibly be wanting a hand dragging yourself through them.

So find the trial you’re struggling with and hit the links to see yourself whisked on a magical mystery tour to our Youtube channel in order to complete them.

Trial 1 – Multi Many Multi

Trial 2 – The Madness

Trial 3 – Tubular Orange

Trial 4 – Big Shot

Trial 5 – Frenzy For Freedom

Trial 6 – Blind Gopher

Trial 7 – Totally Cubular

Trial 8 – Ball Drought

Trial 9 – The Lowest

Trial 10 – Orange Sunset

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