Console gaming was first available in the 1970s, and since then, there have been significant improvements and innovations. From simply playing games and watching DVDs, to VR headsets making you feel like you’re there in the game, the evolution of the gaming console has come a long way. However, the more modern console generations have faced some teething problems. So, with that in mind, here are three tips to ensure you get the best possible experience from your gaming console of choice.

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Hardware Reliability

In the past, players have seen several hardware issues across the different gaming consoles, with the infamous red ring spelling danger on the Xbox 360 and the ‘blue light of death’ on the PS4. This is why hardware reliability is one of the more important tips on our list – you need the console you’re playing on to be reliable, without worrying if it’ll turn on or delete your current save file.

While some of the more recent consoles have had problems with overheating, if you clean the console regularly and ensure there is good ventilation, you can hopefully prevent these issues from occurring in the first place. Your gaming performance will not only depend on the hardware but also considers the software drivers and configuration settings. Thankfully, updates and patches are released regularly to keep your gaming system up to date and can be downloaded and installed in a lower power state, so that they don’t interrupt your gaming.

Support System

Having a strong support system is incredibly important for console gaming, especially if you need help fixing any problems. Whether it is via an online chat or using a ticketing system, video game brands have several methods of support for console users. By assigning a problem to an adviser using a ticketing tool, for instance, Xbox can then make sure the right person is assigned to fix your issue and help your gaming experience improve. Also, having a unique number can make chasing up issues a lot more efficient through the use of a ticketing tool, as they use AI to find the solutions that have already been tried, or whether this is a problem that has happened before.

Source: Pexels

Network Speed

When you game online, your network speed can affect the experience you have, regardless of whether you’re a PC or console gamer. If you have a slow connection between the router and console, then this could cause disconnection and lag issues when you’re in the middle of a game. Most games require 15-20Mbps, although if other people are using the internet to download or stream movies, or even video chatting with friends, this could significantly slow down the speed of the internet you have. You can overcome this disruption to your gaming by either upgrading your internet or moving your console closer to the router.


Whether you have a positive or negative gaming experience can depend on a variety of different aspects, from something as simple as not being in the right mood, to trying to game on an unreliable console. However, with these three tips, you can hopefully get the best experience possible, improving your day and progressing with your favourite games.