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On 14th May 2010, one of the greatest games I’ve ever played was released. You guessed it, it’s Alan Wake. While developers Remedy have their new project Quantum Break coming soon next year, I still yearn for the lovable author. With a gameplay demo released for public viewing back in April, I am 100% certain Alan Wake 2 needs to happen.

So here’s what I want to see…

While the original game brought us several variants of enemies, the slow tank and the speedy lightweights, Alan Wake 2 could benefit greatly from foes with a more unique style to them. One of these could be the birdman shown in the concept demo of Alan Wake 2, one which was also present in Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, the spin-off arcade game set after the events of the main game. The ravens themselves were more brothers than actual threats, and the enemies were most definitely better in numbers.

“Rock concerts” also need to be in plentiful supply – I can’t be the only who agrees that one of the standout moments in Alan Wake was the massive fight at the Anderson Farm. Holding out on a stage stocked to the brim with almost all the weapons in the game available, from shotguns to flashbacks and flares, all with the stunning Children of the Elder God being blasting out in the background, if ever a segment of a game stood out, it was this true masterpiece right there. If Alan Wake 2 is to come along then they need at least one scene just like this.

Talking of weapons, AW2 definitely needs to increase the quantity of the sharpshooters. While I know there’s only so many light-based tools out there, maybe a conventional weapon variation would be a good idea? Different handguns would be a good start and I’d like to see them ranging from the classic revolver to pistols and such.

The biggest thing for me however needs to be a wonderful open world feel. I adored the small sections in the original where it allowed me to drive to my objective in the daylight, stopping to explore an abandoned barn or shack in order to see if there were any collectibles stashed in there. This feeling, casually driving around with the beautiful scenery in the background were some of the best minor moments in the game. An open world, if done correctly with interactive NPCs, random buildings to explore and weird but wonderful locations dotted around the map, would make Alan Wake 2 a complete and utter must buy.

In my opinion, there HAS to be an Alan Wake 2, and even if it’s anything like the demo they released I’ll take it. With today’s powerful consoles, the chance to bring even more stunning visuals to the table and the quite obvious talent and imagination coming from Remedy’s creative minds, I’m sure they could come up with a best selling game to wow the world over.

A game in which I’ll be the first in line to buy.

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