They had previously sold multi-platinum albums, acquiring more than 53 million sales. Now though Creed are rocking up as the headline act for this week’s Rock Band 4 DLC. If you need a new song or two to ensure that the band gets back together then this week’s additions are more than tempting.

Available to purchase and download right now are two new tracks for Rock Band 4 players to enjoy. Priced at just £1.59 each are:

  • Higher – Creed
  • Bodies – Drowning Pool

With the former band leading the charge as the grunge era slowly died, and the latter seeing their sixth album release in 2016, if you’re a hard rock, post grunge, alternative fan, and feel like you need to grab your mates for a bit of a jam, then you’re in for a bit of a treat.

The Microsoft Store will sort out the Xbox One rockers, whilst band members preferring to make some noise on PS4 should visit their respective digital offering.

Will that be you? Let us know your thoughts by posting in that comments section down below. We’re also on all the usual social channels too. Come hunt us down!

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