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Yokai Encounters: Bō: Path of the Teal Lotus Brings Japanese Folklore to Life

Available on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC, in Bō: Path of the Teal Lotus you’ll be controlling a fox-based spirit by the name of Bō. 

Mattel and Outright Games announce a brand-new Barbie game

Mattel and Outright Games have announced that a brand-new Barbie game will be launching later this year - Barbie Project Friendship.

Is Pickleball the Next Big eSports Trend? PPA Pickleball Tour 2025 Might Decide

Developer and publisher FarSight Studios are introducing players to the world of pickleball - apparently the fastest growing sport in the USA!

Unravel the Mystery: CLeM’s Eerie World Offers a “Puzzlevania” Challenge

On Xbox and PlayStation, CLeM sees you take on the role of a Coraline-esque button-eyed puppet, awoken in a grim and dingy cellar. 

Solve Crimes in a City Where Death is Optional: Nobody Wants to Die is Here!

It’s the year 2329. We are in New York. And it’s time to take on one more case in Nobody Wants to Die. 

Wasteland Warriors: RPM – Road Punk Mayhem Offers Bullet-Hell Thrills in a Post-Apocalyptic World

Want some bullet-hell but need it with some cel-shaded visuals? You've found it as RPM - Road Punk Mayhem blasts onto PC and console. 

Classic Shoot ’em Up and Retro Snowboarding Hit Antstream Arcade This Week

What do you want to do with your Antstream Arcade subscription this week? How about a bit of boarding? Or maybe some beating back of an alien invasion? Perhaps both?

Be a Shepherd of the Skies: Flock Offers Cozy Co-op Fun on Game Pass, Xbox, PlayStation, PC

Put down your weapons and forget the violence, as it's time to become a flying shepherd with Flock on Game Pass, Xbox, PlayStation and PC. 

Unleash the explorer: Lara Croft joins Dead by Daylight

As Lara Croft, can you escape the Killers and survive the night? You'll get to find out in Dead by Daylight

Free-to-Play Fun! Neverwinter’s Mountain of Flame Season Lands on Xbox, PlayStation and PC

On console and PC, Neverwinter - Mountain of Flame takes players back to the fiery heights of Mount Hotenow, home to the villainous Gommoth.

Brothers in Arms: Aerial_Knight’s We Never Yield Delivers Co-op Action

Available today across Xbox, PlayStation and PC platforms, Aerial_Knight's We Never Yield is the next instalment in the saga, as Aerial_Knight delivers a cooperative action experience to the masses. 

Minigames and Demon Battles: Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- Sweep the Board! Offers Party Fun

Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- Sweep the Board! is a Mario Party-esque party game, complete with a slew of minigames to best your friends in.

Crossy Road Castle To Conquer Consoles

With some 300 million downloads already in the bag, it kinda makes sense to see Crossy Road Castle prepare for some console climbing... 

Magical Delicacy Serves up a Tasty Adventure on Xbox Game Pass, Switch, and PC

There’s a tasty, yet wholesome, new adventure vying for your attention, with inspiration taken from Metroidvanias and even anime favourites like Kiki’s Delivery Service. Are you ready to be utterly charmed by Magical Delicacy on Xbox Game Pass, Switch, and PC?

Explore Once More: The Sky Breaker Takes Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora to New Heights

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora - The Sky Breaker will see you exploring new areas of the fantastical world the Na’vi clans call home. 

A Slice of India: The Palace on the Hill Arrives on Xbox One & Series X|S

You may have seen The Palace on the Hill over on PC or mobile previously, but now the slice-of-life sim comes to charm the Xbox world. 

Get An Education in Football with EA SPORTS College Football 25

Available now on Xbox and PlayStation, EA SPORTS College Football 25 brings all 134 FBS colleges to a whole new world of football. 

Management Sim Let’s School Starts a New Term on Consoles

After receiving praise galore on its report card for PC performance, Let’s School is finally starting classes on console. Will you be attending Let’s School for some lessons in managing an educational establishment?

A Stagecoach to Hell: Darkest Dungeon II’s Roguelike Journeys Take Centre Stage

Now available on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch - the first console launches for a game that has been PC-exclusive for about a year now - Darkest Dungeon II comes to us from developers Red Hook Studios.

No Ammo? No Problem! Retaliate Injects a Twist into the Classic Shoot ’em Up

If you think you have the reaction-speeds necessary to keep up with a colourful and chaotic vertically-scrolling shoot ‘em up, then perhaps Retaliate is for you. 

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