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Suit Up, Save the World: Deathchron is a Retro Mech Adventure

As Deathchron releases on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, we're getting some old-school Turrican vibes.

The Xbox Games That Still Await in 2024 – TheXboxHub Official Podcast #205

We’re back with another “threesome” this week. Episode 205 of TheXboxHub Official Podcast is waiting to be listened to by you, right now!

No Umbrellas Allowed? Dive into a Dystopian Shopkeeper Sim on Xbox

Barter, bargain, buy and sell - and do it on Xbox, with release of No Umbrellas Allowed. 

Free Fun for Tiny Friends: Hamster Playground Launches on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC

Hamster Playground releases as a free to play game on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC. It comes via the teams at We Dig Games and Mass Creation as they look to deliver a cuteness overload.

Game Pass Gets Stylish: Neon White Now Available on Xbox

Speedrunning? Shooting? Style? Neon White lands on Game Pass and Xbox with that in spades. 

Disaster Band: The Game Where You Conduct the Chaos

Think of yourself as some kind of musical maestro? You'll get to prove it in Disaster Band with launch on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Kinda. 

Take a Tranquil Trip: Busway Islands Brings Calming Puzzles to Console

There are times when all we want to do is kick back and enjoy a relaxing little puzzler. Busway Islands on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch promises to be just that. 

Paradise Found: Tchia Lands on Xbox and Game Pass

You may have played Tchia elsewhere, but with moves onto Xbox, and Game Pass in particular, things get ever more exciting.

Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble III is a blast from the past

Now available on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch, Parasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble III (to give it its full name) sees dragons Bubby and Bobby set off on a mission to save multiple worlds from invading forces. 

Prune & Milo go on the adventure of a lifetime

Siblings Prune & Milo are blissfully unaware that they're about to go on a very important adventure, with the fate of the world at stake no less. Now that Prune & Milo have arrived on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC, will you be joining them? 

Onikko Onslaught! Ogre Tale’s Descended Demons Unleash Chaos on Consoles

Even though Ogre Tale has been doing the rounds on various other platforms for a few years, it is a game that has passed us by. That is until now, as Ogre Tale launches on Xbox (and other consoles) in two different forms. 

WNBA Takes Center Stage: A’ja Wilson Co-Headlines Historic NBA 2K25 Cover

With NBA 2K25 we see the debut of the first NBA and WNBA dual global covers.

Love Takes a Turn: True Colours – A Date With Deception Lets You Play Hero or Villain

Will you play the villain? Or go on a path of redemption? True Colours – A Date With Deception is a cute visual novel on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. 

UNO Gets Chaotic with Party! Mania: New DLC Adds Wild Cards and Strategic Twists

A fan of UNO? Of course you are, and that means you should be taking a look at what Ubisoft and Mattel have twisted in to UNO Party! Mania. 

A zany world returns with Naheulbeuk’s Dungeon Master on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

Now available on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch - with the game releasing in November 2023 on PC - Naheulbeuk’s Dungeon Master is an intricate dungeon-building title that requires your resource-management skills to be top-notch.

Unwrap a Murderous Mystery: The Case of the Golden Idol Now on Game Pass

Critically acclaimed across PC, Nintendo Switch, Netflix and mobile, The Case of the Golden Idol now starts to play out on Xbox and Game Pass. This is an investigative experience that you should not miss. 

Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open – Coming-of-Age Horror Arrives This September

Two years on from the reveal, the Paper Ghost Stories series will return this September, with Third Eye Open on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, PC

The Best Games of July (And The Year So Far!) – TheXboxHub Official Podcast #204

After a little break to recharge some batteries, TheXboxHub team are back with another episode of TheXboxHub Official Podcast. We're at Episode #204 and the main focus is that of the best new Xbox games to release in July, as well as the finest games of 2024 to date...

Play as brand-new heroes in Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero

It is back into the world of Shockman we go, with a prequel featuring some brand-new characters, and a brand-new threat. Cyber Citizen Shockman Zero is out today on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Bouncy Chicken Clucks its Way onto Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

Get ready to crow with delight because the quirky action puzzler, Bouncy Chicken, has officially hatched onto Xbox, PlayStation and Switch. 

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