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Flesh to Metal: Robot Boxing comes to Punch Club 2 with the Iron Fist DLC

Punch Club 2: Iron Fist is a DLC for 2023’s Punch Club 2: Fast Forward, and sees some gnarly AI contraptions enter the ring.

Prepare to spook the halls in Monster High: Skulltimate Secrets later this year!

Coming soon to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC, Monster High: Skulltimate Secrets is a single-player 3D platformer that will have you bounding around the iconic Monster High school, as a new strange and mysterious threat comes to the fore. 

Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges Guide Series 36 – Summer

Cars and coffee, eh? Those are two of the things I like in real life, but now they have come to Forza Horizon 5 and Series 36 of the Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges.

A Realm to Explore, Secrets to Uncover: Ancient Phantasma comes to consoles and PC

It’s that time again. KEMCO are back with their latest retro turn-based RPG, with the release of Ancient Phantasma. 

Endless Orc-Slaying Fun: Orcs Must Die! Deathtrap Coming In 2025

When Orcs Must Die! 3 released on Xbox a few years back, we found it to be a little gem. The hype is real then as Orcs Must Die! Deathtrap is revealed. 

More Than Just a Rebrand: Asphalt Legends Unite Boasts New Content and Updated Engine

Having hit the console grid back in 2019, the Asphalt series continues to evolve, coming together with the launch of Asphalt Legends Unite. 

Gods vs Guns – Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn blasts onto Xbox, PlayStation & PC

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn is a brand-new Souls-lite title that gives you all the swords you desire, but also throws some powerful guns into the mix.

From Law Books to Magic Swords: Dungeons of Hinterberg comes to Xbox and PC Game Pass

Dungeons of Hinterberg looks to blend the dungeon-crawling of an exhilarating action-RPG, with the laid-back notes found within a social sim.

EA SPORTS FC 25 Focus: FC IQ, Gameplay, Career and more

Now it’s time to delve into the gameplay and presentation side of proceedings, with a little bit of EA SPORTS FC 25 Career mode and more

EA SPORTS FC 25 Focus: Rush, Ultimate Team and Clubs

Giving you the lowdown on EA SPORTS FC 25 and everything related to the Rush (a brand new mode), Ultimate Team and Clubs game modes.

Lost in the Shadows: SCHiM Delivers a Quirky Puzzle Adventure

Looking to cause mischief as a little shadow, disconnected from your human owner? Find all of this and more within SCHiM on Xbox and more

Trash Can Lid to Laser Shield: The Madness of Shield King Comes to Xbox

Many wise people before us have stated that attack is the best form of defense, and perhaps this is no more true than in Shield King on Xbox. 

Yokai Encounters: Bō: Path of the Teal Lotus Brings Japanese Folklore to Life

Available on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC, in Bō: Path of the Teal Lotus you’ll be controlling a fox-based spirit by the name of Bō. 

Mattel and Outright Games announce a brand-new Barbie game

Mattel and Outright Games have announced that a brand-new Barbie game will be launching later this year - Barbie Project Friendship.

Is Pickleball the Next Big eSports Trend? PPA Pickleball Tour 2025 Might Decide

Developer and publisher FarSight Studios are introducing players to the world of pickleball - apparently the fastest growing sport in the USA!

Unravel the Mystery: CLeM’s Eerie World Offers a “Puzzlevania” Challenge

On Xbox and PlayStation, CLeM sees you take on the role of a Coraline-esque button-eyed puppet, awoken in a grim and dingy cellar. 

Solve Crimes in a City Where Death is Optional: Nobody Wants to Die is Here!

It’s the year 2329. We are in New York. And it’s time to take on one more case in Nobody Wants to Die. 

Wasteland Warriors: RPM – Road Punk Mayhem Offers Bullet-Hell Thrills in a Post-Apocalyptic World

Want some bullet-hell but need it with some cel-shaded visuals? You've found it as RPM - Road Punk Mayhem blasts onto PC and console. 

Classic Shoot ’em Up and Retro Snowboarding Hit Antstream Arcade This Week

What do you want to do with your Antstream Arcade subscription this week? How about a bit of boarding? Or maybe some beating back of an alien invasion? Perhaps both?

Be a Shepherd of the Skies: Flock Offers Cozy Co-op Fun on Game Pass, Xbox, PlayStation, PC

Put down your weapons and forget the violence, as it's time to become a flying shepherd with Flock on Game Pass, Xbox, PlayStation and PC. 

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